The road to 10.1

There was no raid this week and we also learned that WoW’s 10.1 patch will drop on May 2nd/3rd, so that only leaves us with 4 raid weeks and 4 weeks of M+. I did manage to break the 2400 barrier last week, so it’s 95 more points for Keystone Hero, but not sure I’ll make it, kinda not motivated this week but as there are only 2 Fort and 2 Tyr weeks left I kinda need to get some points, meh. If we will manage to get our AOTC before the patch is the other question.

I’m a little torn about the Forbidden Reach zone. Sure, it’s easy enough to get some upgrades and it was fun for a bit, but I’ve kinda sworn off doing a lot of stuff on alts there, only funneling keys to one char so I can open the Vault every week, but 30 keys are still 30 keys.

I did heal a few Timewalking dungeons on the Druid and kitted her out in 395 gear, and I probably have enough spares for the Demon Hunter. I also heard that TW is nice for leveling so maybe I should try to push the Paladin to 70 and maybe even some other toon, now that we have 6 weeks of Timewalking in a row. Overall I feel like I want a little break, but I also don’t want to miss AOTC and KSH – guess that’s a sign for me that the season is a little too short. I don’t usually get bored by the content. Either I am fully invested and having fun or I don’t want to play, and then new content doesn’t really fix that.

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