Aberrus – week 6 & 7

Tuesday of week 6 was the first time I’d missed a first kill on Heroic since… I don’t know, maybe since I’ve been raiding with this guild (that would be 2 years) but RL called to do other stuff and so they killed Magmorax without me, and Zskarn as well, I think.

Sunday of week 7 was really good, we skipped Normal for the first time and straight up breezed through with only 2 wipes or so, everything including Echo of Neltharion is down, so that would be a full evening of Sarkareth pulls ahead on Tuesday. Tuesday: Soo, not sure what to make of it, but we got into P3 relatively consistently and then it broke down, like 12-13 tries in total. That will be a piece of work.

My “iLvl %” parses seem really good, but of course overall some 0f my fellow raiders are miles ahead with an average of 12 iLvl higher, that is basically a full tier. Can’t complain, if you have no time to put into gearing but a little annoyed how it could be a lot better.

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