Aberrus – week 9 & 10

I missed the Tuesday raid in week 9 but they did not kill Sarkareth. Don’t remember if we managed 8 or just 7 on Sunday, doesn’t really matter anyway.

Sunday in week 10 had us down a few key people and so we missed the 8/9 by maybe one pull or so, but for dragging along someone who only had done Normal once it went fine. (The person knows how to play, does a lot of M+, but we still lost some minutes by explaining every boss briefly, no blame here.) Tuesday was a quick kill of Neltharion and then a lot of tries on Sarkareth – some bad ones, but also quite a few good ones, one at 15% – should be doable.

After the Sunday raid I got dragged into a +20 Freehold, and I don’t know why. Guess they were already sure they wouldn’t time it and so it didn’t matter 😀 That was my 2nd M+ run in that dungeon, but hey, we did it – overtime with dozens of deaths. Kinda curious about the Vault loot next week now.

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