Going south (again)

It’s been… a week.
We’re packing up and moving down south, for the umpteenth time. I’ve been in Catch 1.0, in Catch 2.0, in Querious 1.0, in Querious 2.0, and now Querious 3.0. I missed Fade 1.0 though.

So apparently the B2 coalition is folding and a good chunk of corps and alliances is joining the Imperium. Not what I had on my bingo card for sure – especially for BRAVE.

I’m not especially fond of this decision although my stance is not as “grr goons” as it used to be in the past, but I’m still not happy. I know they have some decent people and even in general they behaved better than PandaFam did in this war. So even if I left, I’d be staying away from PH and FRT very much. But I’m not leaving, I’m traveling south and will be watching what the future brings.

2 thoughts on “Going south (again)”

  1. As I said in my own post, Brave will at least have a choice of former territories to choose from when it comes to where to live. Or some place new! I hear Period Basis is a quiet place to build up.

    Since I’ve been in the CFC/Imperium it has gone from “you can never join another corp because nobody will allow goons” to ceasing to be surprised when some former intractable foe is now running fleets for the Imperium. Progodlegend is in goons now. A lot of that “true goon” nonsense has fallen by the wayside. I haven’t heard anybody use the term “pubbie” in quite a while. It’s not so bad.

    1. Yeah, I mean basically since KF it could by definition not be some weird old boys’ club anymore and I guess I never really hated the entity known as goons, just disliked them enough to not want to join, the same as has been true for FRT as long as I’ve known them. And I guess if my corp had widotted into GSF proper, that would have been my time to leave – but I’ll see how this coalition thing plays out, I’ve really missed just roaming for fun for a bit, instead we only got actually important TiDi stratops (as in, defending space against a large enemy, not some bullshit Astrahus timer 2 regions over)…

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