Raiding Amirdrassil – week2

Oops, forgot to post the post, fumbled something together, then found the draft.

I’ve not had terribly much time to play WoW, and as of Monday evening I think I’ve acquired a total of 2 upgraded pieces of loot. Running 2+2 Tier pieces is worse than 4 of the old ones, so I passed for some guildies. Still feels bad because I know some of them are just rolling for the 20 iLvl upgrade, not simming if it’s an upgrade. Still, bad itemization if it’s a 5% dps loss like this.

The catchup mechanic in 10.2 doesn’t seem bad, in an evening on Saturday I managed to run my 2nd toon through the quest line (this time not reading the quest text, not having to search, etc) and she had no real problems doing it at iLvl 385ish and is now iLvl 421 which is just below Normal gear in the last raid tier (that should have been 424 I think). Not sure on how many I’ll do this, I’m trying to not just gear all the alts this expansion (yeah I did way too much of it at launch, I know).

Fyrakk down on like the 3rd try on Tuesday, oneshot Gnarloot, then Igira on the fourth pull and 2 wipes on Volcoross. Got a nice 2h weapon from Gnarlroot, iLvl 467 but other than that maybe one other drop, everything good I have is from the Vault :/

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