2023 in review

And another year over, which means another review post.

What I played a lot:

  • World of Warcraft
  • EVE Online
  • Diablo IV

Other games I played:

  • Against The Storm
  • GameDec
  • Diablo III
  • Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
  • Submerged
  • Stellaris

Gaming expenses in 2023:

  • WoW: 102 EUR for 11 months
    • 1x 6 months for 66 EUR
    • 1x 3 months for 36 EUR
    • 2 months for WoW tokens with ingame gold
  • EVE Online: 392 EUR plus 70 EUR (prepaid in 2022) minus prepaid for 2024 (see below)
    • 1x Platinum Pack for 58 EUR
    • 2x Silver Pack for 12 EUR
    • 2x Bronze Pack for 5.50 EUR
    • 3x 3 months for 40 EUR
    • 2x 3000 PLEX for 90 EUR, mostly used for sub months though
  • Diablo IV: 70 EUR – the game on launch

Small intermission:

OK, I’m at the point where I need to redo the math for last years because I am not sure how to handle these “prepaid XX months of subscription” and this year is especially egregious I think.

In 2019 I counted 26 EUR for 2020 subs in 2019, in 2020 I had both numbers (with and without prepaying), in 2021 I counted the prepaid stuff in this year, then 2022 had nothing from 2021 but 70 prepaid, so I guess I’ll count that in 2023 and have something for 2024, because calculating EVE will be something more complicated this time…


  • Amount of MMOs played: 2
  • Amount of MMO subscription months paid: 9 (WoW) + 12 (EVE) + about 15 (EVE) = 36
  • Amount of games purchased: 1
  • Amount of MMO expansions purchased: 0
  • Amount of money for ingame/services stuff: hard to tell with the EVE packs, maybe 50-100?
  • Amount of games I got for free and didn’t play: some
  • Amount of games I purchased and then didn’t play: 0

So that brings the total to 636 EUR, that’s 53 EUR per month, slightly more than 2022. This would still be a perfectly valid number, but it’s not painting a realistic picture.

Now if I subtract the EVE sub months for 2024 (oh boy, that’s 23 of them, split over 3 accounts, so basically two of them for the whole year… if I use a 24 month package from the website that would be 270 EUR but if I use the biggest discount paying with PLEX it’s more like 190, so let’s say about 236) then it would only be 400 EUR, or 33 EUR per month. So something in between. So we’ll see how much I will spend on EVE in 2024, but I hope it won’t be that much, even if I’m running my 3 accounts.

Yes, you may laugh, but with the discounts on PLEX, and being able to buy subscriptions with ingame money, just calculating how much you paid for your EVE subscription can be a whole afternoon in itself. Of course it involves spreadsheets, so make of that what you will…

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