Amirdrassil week 5 and other stuff

Kinda forgot to post but after raid week 4 followed raid week 5 and we killed the Council on Heroic. Unfortunately two of our healers are kinda lagging behind on gear, so we went back to Normal after that kill, nothing good dropped and then one of them (unrelatedly) said he’d bow out for the rest of the tier because he’s been hating how Resto Druid feels for weeks with the new Tier bonus anyway.

So fortunately this was the last week of raiding before the holiday break anyway, but we’ll still need to find a solution here I think.

But unexpectedly with being on vacation and chilling for a few days I found some fun in WoW again and ran a couple of toons through the Emerald Dream zone, five of them even, so that makes it a total of seven. Didn’t do much after that and also don’t plan to, but the six non-mains now at least have 420ish gear instead of their mix of 410 to 380 before. (Druid, Shaman, Rogue, Demon Hunter, Warlock, Death Knight, Hunter – maybe even in that order). Still no real motivation to bring Priest and Evoker to 70, or any of the Horde toons, but it’s a start.

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