Raiding Amirdrassil – week 11

The Sunday raid had us extend for the first time, and then quite a few wipes on Tindral. Best one was about 12% I think.

After the raid we timed a +20 Atal’Dazar and a +18 Throne of the Tides in Tyrannical, which was nice. I still kinda need some 11-15s now for some Wyrm crests, what an odd problem to have. We also did a +20 Atal’Dazar and a +18 Everbloom on Saturday with 2 different people and it didn’t go quite so well, still some good practice for me, and probably what gave us the win in Atal’Dazar today, as I didn’t die on the last boss, unlike on Sunday.

The Tuesday raid went really well, killing Tindral on the third pull (probably around 15 wipes overall), then we we wiped 9 times on Fyrakk, mostly in Phase 2 with those damn ghost adds. That fight might take a while, especially being low on healers next week.

My newly found and loosely defined M+ team didn’t want to run after the raid as originally planned, so I pugged 2 quick +11s for some points (and to get the third choice in the Vault), which means I’m now at 1900 rating, so if I do a +10 or +11 Murozond’s whatever next week, I’ll be at 2000, yay.

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