Raiding Amirdrassil – week 12

The Sunday raid included a whole lot of wipes on Fyrakk and not much else. On Tuesday we got to phase 3 for the first time, like 2 or 3 times, best try was 20-21%. Not bad, 40 wipes in.

M+ was mostly uneventful this week, I managed to get 8 of them in until Monday evening, 4 of them 18 or higher, but no new timed 20s.

But I’m at least very close to 2500 rating (aka Keystone Hero) thanks to a +20 Murozond’s Rise “just” 6 minutes over time. I’ve not timed it at all on Tyrannical, so a +11 would probably be enough.

And then I managed to heal 5 low ones on the Shammy, that one +8 was quite some work. Bad gear, no one kicking anything, but it worked.

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