Reaching goals when you had given up already

When I summarized my BfA journey in this post I a) wrote “too late” when I meant “too soon” and b) was pessimistic about reaching my goal. Also I kind of didn’t reach it because Level 120 was gone, but now I actually finished it by having at least one character per class, per faction – at Level 50, in BfA, before Shadowlands launched. (Although it feels a little bit like cheating because leveling is so much faster now.)

My Worgen Shadow Priest flew through Level 31 to 40 in MoP, then 40 to 50 in BfA. So that’s 27 characters at Level 50, 4 Rogues, 3 Warriors, 2 of each other class.

So now only the minor goal of all the allied races is unachievable, because it’s only 2 days left.

Oh, and I bought Shadowlands and cleared out the quest log on my new main, a female Night Elf Fury Warrior. Fury doesn’t seem great at the moment but I didn’t want to go Rogue again, especially on the Alliance side, without my main and I like Warriors. Also my guild’s composition checks out nicely like this, and I have an offspec that’s not DPS.

For the first time in forever I made the resolve to focus on my main and my main only. I will allow myself to casually level another toon if I lose the drive to play, but I probably won’t have enough time anyway – but I will not race to the top, I will not gear an alt, or start a third alt. For the immediate future that is, I guess until we have started raiding.

Pre-expansion WoW

While I wrote that I’m not so keen on playing right now in my last WoW post, I actually logged in because I was curious how fast leveling goes.

Then I promptly forgot to look into the mail and made a few levels without the 16% experience buff, doh. So my Mechagnome Warlock is now 42, up from 37 and my Worgen Priest (where I didn’t forget the xp buff) went from 31 to 34 with a single random dungeon + 2 quests. Gameplay is unexciting, I don’t feel too weak or too overpowered, roughly the same as before. Warlock was in Gorgrond, Priest in Townlong Steppes.

Having all the talents reset was a little annoying, as usual, but I went with the left-side default route as it’s just casual leveling and I’m absolutely not in the mood to look up builds right now. We’ll see if I actually manage to push those 2 to 50 and at least claim moral victory of my goal.

Addon compatibility is surprisingly good, just my favourite experience addon is defunct and a few others, but nothing important. While I had planned to go for a reset again when the expansion hits (which means just unit frames + bars + chat addon and maybe a top bar) maybe I’ll just slim down my list instead of actually starting fresh…

There was a quite annoying bug that plagued quite a few people in guild two nights ago, where you couldn’t switch characters and sometimes had to alt-f4, culminating in “successfully logged off a toon but everything is black and no characters visible”, but it might have solved itself again…

My general plans for Shadowlands are still:

  • cancel SWTOR – DONE
  • buy Shadowlands – TODO
  • level my Night Elf Warrior as Fury
  • raid with my Alliance guild

I don’t think it’s too late to summarize BfA goals

Edit: the post’s title should’ve been “I don’t think it’s too early to summarize BfA goals” but I messed up.

Another month has passed without a post but I’ve simply not had a lot of stuff I want to talk about or that I deemed worthy of writing down, but this is a post I’d postponed for a while.
I’ve not played WoW for a while now, first waiting for the date of the expansion then to notice it being delayed and in day-to-day life actually being busy enough with EVE and SWTOR.

So, the level squish patch happened, and while this isn’t the real end of the expansion I think I can truthfully claim that I failed my goal because I ran out of steam this autumn.

One max-level character per class, per faction.

There are 12 classes and 2 factions, so that would be 24 Level 120 characters. OK, actually it would be 24 Level 50 characters, as the expansion has not yet happened. So where do I stand?

Death Knight5050
Demon Hunter5050
Rogue50 + 5050 +50
Warrior50 + 5050
End of expansion tally of characters in BfA

So while every class is a check and the number 24 is a check, Alliance Warlock and Priest were in their 80s, now 30s, and I don’t know if I will finish this before the expansion lands.

The other goal of leveling the Allied Races doesn’t look any better:

  • Mag’har Orc: 50 – check
  • Zandalari Troll: 45 – check
  • Nightborne: 27
  • Highmountain Tauren: 26
  • Vulpera: 13
  • Dark Iron Dwarf: 50 – check
  • Kul Tiran: 50 – check
  • Mechagnome: 37
  • Void Elf: 28
  • Lightforged Draenei: 0


Work has been crazy the last two weeks, I’m not sleeping well and that’s probably the main reason why I didn’t post.

Been logging in to WoW for only 5 mins most days, collecting and starting Legion Champion missions. So close to 500 on my Rogue, but I might just end up having to grab new resources at like 497.

Been progressing slowly and steadily in SWTOR (9 75s, one at 73). I’m in a bit of a rut now though, I am not happy with the way gear works. Maybe I’m not playing enough (getting the conquest on 2 toons per night usually) but my Renown ranks are not progressing very fast and I’m just barely at 276 iLevel on my best set of gear. As the gear you get is based on what you’re wearing (as I understood it) I’ve been shifting a single set of gear from toon to toon, which gets old really fast. Just an hour ago I deconstructed a ton of 270 gear, keeping only 8 sets of 272-276 gear and one set of 268 that can be worn at Level 71 already. Actually not sure if I’ll continue after this month, but maybe my overall mood will improve next week.

Also not been playing a ton of EVE, the war is boring me already after a week. I wasn’t happy to put my death clone to our war staging as I usually hate traveling just for the sake of it anyway, but at least I’ve been roaming a bit on my alt, doing a bit of PI. Haven’t joined any fleets in a few days though. Maybe all the people who had been playing for months or years were indeed bored and eager for the war, but I’ve only returned 3-4 months ago and was just on a fun ride and experiencing NullSec properly. Then the war came and everything is hectic and different and it held me up by making the things that I was just (re-)learning different.

Remaining WoW goals for BfA

With starting to get into SWTOR again and EVE still going strong I think it’s time to officially take WoW activity and goals down a notch and stop logging in for the sake of logging in. I think I’ve reached or am close to most of the goals I have set myself:

  • 1 per class, per faction at max level
    • Alliance Warlock dinged 80 yesterday, Alliance Priest is 73
  • get BfA reps to a certain degree
    • 7 chars have most BfA reps at Exalted
    • 2 are missing a select few ones, I’m waiting for emissaries here
    • might go for Ramkahen / Pandaria to Exalted, might not
  • Class mounts
    • Rogue and Shaman done
    • Demon Hunter and Warrior are kinda close to class hall done?
  • rest is probably out, might revisit later
    • Heritage Armor
    • 4 done
    • 3 leveling
    • 3 meh
  • Professions
    • check what’s missing next time Darkmoon Faire is up but I got a good chunk done last Darkmoon Faire, e.g. leveling Cooking to 100 or even 170 on 20 toons, then grabbing the last 5

So I guess it’s down to use of rested XP and just get those 3 toons a level or two every week or so. It’s not that it is not fun, but I’m not in the mood to play for hours and hours, but every few days is fun.

Orc Shaman on Farseer’s Raging Tempest

Too busy to blog

I didn’t actually mean to not post for two weeks but I was kinda busy with EVE. Also a little bit with WoW.

Yesterday I managed to get the first Legion Class Mount on my Orc Rogue (mostly for forgetting about them completely), I just had to finish like 5-6 quests.

Orc Rogue in T5 on Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen

Then today I dinged 110 on my Zandalari Troll Paladin (3rd Paladin to 110+) an grabbed the Heritage Armor, which was the whole point of this.

Zandalari Troll Paladin with Heritage Armor

Also I only mentioned in passing that I finished the Mechagon grind around May 21st and the last missing class (Alliance Warlock) already dinged 60 last weekend. So for the goal of 1 max-level per class, per faction I’m missing 60 levels of Mechagnome Warlock and 47 levels of Worgen Priest, that should be doable.

On the Heritage Armor project: Void Elf Rogue is 68, Nightborne Priest still 70, Highmountain Warrior still 61, Vulpera Hunter still 30 and haven’t started a Lightforged Draenei, but on the other hand the Paladin was number 4 of 10 finished already.

First thoughts about Shadowlands

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Shadowlands and my future in the game. Yes, right now I’d rather play more EVE but I’ve not put WoW away yet. So when I just saw Telwyn’s post… might as well write it down.

I may have written about this at length but from 2005 – 2014 I was mostly a Horde player, usually with a guild full of people and only had a single high-level Alliance Rogue in a guild that I had joined because 2 of my ex-Horde guildies originally came from there (same server) and also went back there. That was in 2009 and I’ve sometimes reached the level cap on that Rogue, sometimes not. When I stepped away completely from WoW in 2014 (end of MoP) and then came back to have a brief look at WoD, I was still 100% Horde. When I came back to play Legion, for the first time ever I set my focus on the Alliance, leveling a Demon Hunter and having a lot of fun, then adding some alts – all in the Alliance guild because the Horde guild has been completely dead for a few years. Again in BfA I leveled Alliance first (Dwarf Retri Paladin this time) and now I have nearly as many max-level Alliance toons as I have Horde. Still did all my rep grinds on my old Horde Rogue Main.

So, what about Shadowlands? Right now I really plan to raid again, at least the first tier. The expansion is supposed to launch in the winter, which absolutely suits me well (but I guess this year it wouldn’t have mattered anyway…), but what will I play?

The only I thing I absolutely hated about my Rogue was that it’s a pure DPS and I can’t have a tank or healing off-spec. So this time I also really want to focus on one main character, and still have an off-spec, so this eliminates every pure DPS class. On the Alliance side this is no problem for me, as my Orc Rogue isn’t available anyway, so I can just level him casually at some point.

What do I have available? I guess my raid main-spec will still be DPS. It’s what I do best and restarting raiding after all these years I am absolutely fine in not having the pressure of tanking or healing. Unless we’ll be short on either, of course, then I’m probably up for stepping up.

  • Dwarf Paladin – Not sure I like Holy, but I’ve had fun tanking in the past, a possibility
  • Night Elf Daemon Hunter – played both specs in Legion and loved them, likely
  • Night Elf Warrior – didn’t Prot tank since MoP, but I loved it, likely
  • Worgen Druid – didn’t Bear tank since TBC and didn’t heal since… WotLK I guess, unlikely
  • Dwarf Shaman – while I like Resto a lot, I’m not sure I want to main this shammy, undecided
  • Dark Iron Dwarf Monk – I haven’t tried tanking or healing on this, but I don’t enjoy Monks, very unlikely
  • Worgen Priest – I don’t like Shadow and have never tried Holy, didn’t Disc heal since WotLK, unlikely

So this doesn’t sound like I’m about to use one of the three DPS+Heal classes, and I’m not sure about one of the DPS+Heal+Tank classes, but I’m in favor of both DPS+Tank classes. So right now it looks like a decision between Warrior and Daemon Hunter, with Paladin on 3rd place and Druid still possible. Sadly I don’t have a lot of attachment to this Druid, as I boosted her at the start of BfA and only played her this expansion. I at least “mained” the Paladin and also leveled her up properly (with a little help from the invasions before Legion though). I think I’ve actually raided once and did quite some dungeons on the Warrior and the Demon Hunter was my Legion main.

Similarly I don’t feel real attachment to the Priest and the Monk. The Shaman is different because it’s the one I killed Algalon with, so I’d say that’s proper raiding 😛

Also this means these toons are out, with the current plan:

  • Human Rogue, the aforementioned original Alliance alt
  • Dwarf Hunter
  • Draenei Death Knight
  • Kul Tiran Human Mage, I don’t like playing Mages anyway
  • Void Elf Rogue, just leveling because Rogue and Heritage Armor
  • Mechagnome Warlock, just leveling because of the Heritage Armor and because I don’t have an Alliance Warlock
  • Gnome Rogue, would have to be transferred from a different server anyway

Also I didn’t really touch on the possibility of a Horde comeback, because I simply don’t believe in it. I’d need to find a guild whereas I have a perfectly fine and functioning one on the Alliance side. Also all the years have disconnected me enough that I’m ready to switch mains for good. Took a while, and I am still kind of determined to at least do the reps on my Horde Rogue, but maybe not all the other “important” Horde chars.

My Raiding History, Part 3: Wrath of the Lich King

The last post ended on a more positive note than it had started. Raiding was going fine and in November 2008 Wrath of the Lich King, WoW’s second expansion launched after 22 months and we were really eager for the new stuff. It’s a bit of a shame that I didn’t blog already back then (this doesn’t count). As with the launch of The Burning Crusade, I was still studying and working at the same time.

I faintly remember that it was supposed to launch at midnight and I’m also pretty sure I started to level my Warrior in Borean Tundra and was quite ahead of the curve, but not really rushing it, so I went to bed after a few hours and not pulling an all-nighter. This would be the first expansion where I was leveling 2 characters at the same time, the warrior and my Rogue Main. Anyway, back to raiding. We cleared Naxxramas, The Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader, at least as far as I remember. Heroic raids weren’t a thing yet, but there were hard modes. While I’d say WotLK was raiding at a high level for me there are not a lot of distinct memories of the early raids. I know we struggled a bit with 10man vs 25man because we were more than 10 but not exactly 25, I think we ran 2 10man groups at times, sometimes with well-geared alts standing in. It was also the time where I nearly managed to get one of each class to max level (2 missing at 73+78). It was also a time where I managed to raid on all 3 roles, DPS, Tank, and Healer. Naxxramas was ok, Ulduar was really fun (except Yogg-Saron) and Trial of the Crusader wasn’t so great.

So far I left out the grand finale of WotLK raiding, Ice Crown Citadel, which came into the game roughly a year after the expansion had launched, in December 2009. This coincides with another guild change, but I’m also a little hazy on the details. Again it was a re-form of most of the old folks of the guild we had raided with since TBC. It might be that was some disagreement, it might be that we wanted to focus on a mostly static 10 man group in the upcoming instance. The only thing I can tell for certain is that all my characters went to the new guild in January 2010.

I loved Ice Crown Citadel, I think it might be my favorite raid instance ever. I DPSed, I tanked, I healed. All the fights were kinda fun and doable. Well, ok, Sindragosa was hard, but we did it. Also there was the final fight, The Lich King himself. We had chased him all over Northrend, seen him in cutscenes in quests, 5mans, and raids, taunting us. And boy did we take long to take him down on 10man. It was the classic “no single mistake allowed” fight. When one person died we could as well wipe if we didn’t need to practice this exact phase anyway. I don’t know how long we wiped, or how often. I just know that up until that day that was the biggest achievement we got.

In early 2014 I would come back to level a Dwarf Shaman on a German server to do a locked-xp-at-80 Algalon run, I wrote about it: one, two, three.

It’s Blapril and this is post number 17.

The great speedup

Yeah, the +100% Rep buff (for certain stuff) is live and the +100% XP buff is also live.

I managed to get the Zandalari Retri Pally from 60 to 85 in record time, Outland this time – first Zangarmarsh, then a little bit of Garadar, Terrokar, and Shadowmoon. Now Hyjal from 80 to 85, maybe till 90.

Because of the rep buff I also started doing emissary quests again, ~25 from Sunday till Tuesday, and 4 Legion ones. My Alliance Pally and Horde Rogue have nearly everything from BfA up until Nazjatar/Mechagon at Exalted, but there’s a few things I really want to get done, just for completeness.

  • BfA prio 1: 12k Rustbolt on the Orc Rogue (to Exalted)
  • BfA prio 2: 7k Tortollan on Night Elf Warrior (to Exalted) (last one)
  • BfA prio 3: 4k Order of Embers on Night Elf Demon Hunter (to Exalted)
  • BfA prio 3: 7k Tortollan on Night Elf Demon Hunter (to Exalted) (last one)
  • Legion prio 3: 11k Court of Farondis on Orc Shammy (to Exalted) (last one)
  • Legion maybe: an emissary or two per Legion faction on the Night Elf Demon Hunter (to Exalted)
  • BfA maybe: doing an emissary here or there on Troll Warrior and Orc Shammy (to Exalted)
  • BfA maybe: the 2-3 missing ones on Alliance Rogue
  • BfA maybe: some Uldum Accord + the other new faction on Orc Rogue
  • unlikely: 50k rep on Worgen Druid
  • likely: 2x from Honored to Revered on Dwarf Shammy
  • likely: 6k Zandalari + 3k Voldunai on Blood Elf Warlock
  • likely: 1k Honorbound on the Undead Mage
  • likely: 3k Voldunai on the Blood Elf Paladin
  • unlikely: playing the Pandaren Monk
  • unlikely: playing the Blood Elf Priest
  • unlikely: playing the Undead Death Knight
  • unlikely: playing the Orc Hunter
  • unlikely: playing the Tauren Druid
  • unlikely: playing the Blood Elf Demon Hunter
  • unlikely: playing the Mag’har Orc Rogue
  • unlikely: playing the Dwarf Hunter
  • unlikely: playing or equipping the Kul Tiran Mage

Also leveling priorities have shifted a bit:

  • Draenei DK to 120 because I want her to reach max level
  • Zandalari Pally to 90 because it’s fun
  • Dark Iron Dwarf Monk to 110 for Heritage firt and foremost
  • burn some rested XP on Nightborne Priest + Highmountain Warrior to not waste it
  • Void Elf Rogue is a bit lower prio for now
  • still not playing the Worgen Priest, ugh Priests…
  • still waiting for Mechagnomes to unlock for a Warlock
  • at the very end is starting a Vulpera or Lightforged Draenei

Does that sound a bit much? Maybe, between all the EVE, but it’s not like I have anything better to do…

It’s Blapril and this is post number 15.

That was… fast

Until today I had thought that the +100% XP buff in WoW Retail would last until Sunday/Monday, but this morning I read it will stay until Shadowlands launches. Interesting development.

I tried to speedrun a bit today and I’m really amazed. 3h for 80-90 in Pandaria and then a little over 3h for 90-100 in Draenor.

Also I dinged 120 on the Kul Tiran Mage on Friday or Thursday. And I got Stormsong Valley done on the DK, making her 113. The goal is coming closer, but this buff is a little too much. Yes, I wanted to get some toons to max level before the next expansion comes out, but this is a bit of a joke now. Apparently I had gimped myself by running mostly dungeons and not doing quests, this is *so* fast with War Mode on.

  • Draenei Death Knight – 113
  • Dark Iron Dwarf Monk – 100
  • Void Elf Rogue – 49
  • Worgen Priest – still 73

Didn’t touch the 3 Horde this time.

On Monday we’re supposed to be getting a huge buff to reputation gains, maybe that will motivate me to finish the Mechagon grind and unlock the Mechagnomes so I can finally start an Alliance Warlock. 5 toons left, 119 + 7 + 10 + 47 levels. And when I get bored I have the Rogue and the 3 Horde chars.

It’s Blapril and this is post number 13.