WoW’s 10.2 patch – Guardians of the Dream

So, since we cleared Aberrus at the end of August I’ve not really done a lot. Was subscribed for a bit, did some solo casual things, don’t even remember if we did anything as a group.

But I was called to Discord recently and it was decided we’d start raiding today, so in true “guess I’ll have to do a bit of prep” fashion I resubscribed this morning (took the 3 months bundle), updated all addons (some have not been updated but still everything seems to work), checked my spec, started with the new patch’s questing, and looked at the strategies for the first few bosses.

Then off we went and in our 2 hours cleared 6 of the 9 bosses, with 2 wipes on the seventh (no wipes before). Fun was had, drops were distributed (I got nothing), my damage is bad because I’ve not replaced a single piece since August and some people are already a full tier (aka 13 iLvl) or even a bit more ahead. But I didn’t regret resubbing and that’s the only important thing, although I’ve got no urgent plans for any alts or M+ right now, we’ll see.

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Patch 10.1.7 goals and stuff

So, not too long after we finished the Raid on Heroic my WoW subscription ran out and I didn’t renew it at first. We had still planned to get 2-3 people who had missed the kill the achievement, so at the start of September I was on standby, if there were enough people to raid I’d use my token and resub, otherwise waiting. The 17th looked like it might happen but I had to bow out due to RL on short notice, but they didn’t end up killing the final boss again. So today we extended and had 16 people and after a few wipes it worked. I’m amazed I could remember the fight after 5 weeks.

I had actually claimed my token yesterday because I was a little bored and wanted to play WoW again, after that little break, and I also didn’t want to miss out on the Trading Post if I am honest.

So yesterday I didn’t even play that much, but I managed to finish the Trading Post, do the last 3 Zereth Mortis achievements I was missing for the final achievement, caught up on nearly all of the story quests from 10.1.5 and 10.1.7, did the Valdrakken weekly and some WQs and today did some Dragonriding achievements, finished the Niffen weekly and did some digging.

All in all it was quite nice and I had fun, but now I’m already a little unsure how to continue. For the first time I’m not burning to level my Horde chars (not even my old Rogue main), I’m only missing two of 13 classes to 70 (Priest and Evoker) and it feels a little pointless to do stuff on alts at the moment, except for some Profession stuff on 2-3 of them, but only what is useful for the whole expansion lifecycle and not just this patch/tier. I’m totally not in the mood for M+ right now and so I don’t think I’ll do the grind to KSH or KSM as I had originally planned. (I’ve deliberately put off doing the Night Elf & Undead Heritage Quests as they count for the Trading Post, so either I’m saving some time by doing them in October or at worst lose nothing either.)

Now I’m not sure I have a lot of real goals left for this 5-6 week stretch until the next raid opens, maybe some achievements but I’m not enthusiastic. Then again it’s also not that I’m eager to play something else. FFXIV was fun but I’m currently not inclined to resub, Cyberpunk 2077’s new patch sounds cool, Baldur’s Gate III and Starfield are fresh and somewhat interesting, but I dunno. When I’m not really in the mood for any game I suppose it’s a safe bet to stick to something I know and that I could buy with ingame gold. I know I’d be angry if I bought Cyberpunk now and stopped playing again after 10h, even if it’s on sale.

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Aberrus – week 11 & 12

Week 11 was a quick clear of the first 7 bosses and then 3 wipes on Neltharion (as usual), then a clean oneshot on Tuesday and on to Sarkareth. Three bad pulls, six semi-ok pulsl in P3, then 3 pulls below 20%, including our new best 11%.

Week 12 – Sunday. We decided to go the skip route, so boss 1 & 8, then the last boss. Boss 8, Neltharion, gave us some headache today again. Three wipes that were worse than usual, but then it worked. On to the last boss. One 33% wipe without Vantus runes, then off to our break. Came back from the break, someone had bought Vantus runes… and the boss just fell, on the 50th pull or so. One person died, nothing spectacular. Kinda underwhelming because it wasn’t close at all. Now we just need one reclear for our 2nd main tank, who is on vacation… and he already missed one of the last tiers’ end boss, just the worst timing.

Anyway, AOTC in Dragonflight Season 2.

So the real question for me and WoW (until the next raid tier) is now if I want to start doing M+ in earnest or leave it be.

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Human Heritage Armor

The Heritage Armor for Orcs and Humans came out in 10.0.7 in March and I had only done the Orc one (and liked it a lot). Today I had time and remembered that I was still missing the Human one. Can’t say how long it took but I liked it. If my Human character had been any other class than a Rogue I might even transmog it, but maybe I can use some parts…

When I last made a consolidated list about all the races in February 2020 there were still some missing, especially as I hadn’t leveled all Allied Races to max level, but if I am not mistaken now it’s these:

  • Troll
  • Undead (should be in the next Patch)
  • Night Elf (should be in the next Patch)
  • Draenei

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Aberrus – week 9 & 10

I missed the Tuesday raid in week 9 but they did not kill Sarkareth. Don’t remember if we managed 8 or just 7 on Sunday, doesn’t really matter anyway.

Sunday in week 10 had us down a few key people and so we missed the 8/9 by maybe one pull or so, but for dragging along someone who only had done Normal once it went fine. (The person knows how to play, does a lot of M+, but we still lost some minutes by explaining every boss briefly, no blame here.) Tuesday was a quick kill of Neltharion and then a lot of tries on Sarkareth – some bad ones, but also quite a few good ones, one at 15% – should be doable.

After the Sunday raid I got dragged into a +20 Freehold, and I don’t know why. Guess they were already sure they wouldn’t time it and so it didn’t matter 😀 That was my 2nd M+ run in that dungeon, but hey, we did it – overtime with dozens of deaths. Kinda curious about the Vault loot next week now.

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Aberrus – week 6 & 7

Tuesday of week 6 was the first time I’d missed a first kill on Heroic since… I don’t know, maybe since I’ve been raiding with this guild (that would be 2 years) but RL called to do other stuff and so they killed Magmorax without me, and Zskarn as well, I think.

Sunday of week 7 was really good, we skipped Normal for the first time and straight up breezed through with only 2 wipes or so, everything including Echo of Neltharion is down, so that would be a full evening of Sarkareth pulls ahead on Tuesday. Tuesday: Soo, not sure what to make of it, but we got into P3 relatively consistently and then it broke down, like 12-13 tries in total. That will be a piece of work.

My “iLvl %” parses seem really good, but of course overall some 0f my fellow raiders are miles ahead with an average of 12 iLvl higher, that is basically a full tier. Can’t complain, if you have no time to put into gearing but a little annoyed how it could be a lot better.

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Aberrus – week 5

Oh wow, the end of a raid week and I manage to post. Nothing spectacular, but we’re 6/9 Heroic now after some grinding of teeth on Zskarn and again only 15 people. (Last week it was 5/9 with I think 4 new ones) – and we had done Normal again at the start, so that’s actually 9 bosses in 4h, weirdly quick for our usual pace.

Anyway, still raid logging and probably having to continue to do that for most of July, but at least I get to play. For some reason my DPS numbers seemed pretty stellar last week, now they’re back to “Oh I’m undergeared relative to our top DPS and thus can’t compete”. Maybe I should investigate, or maybe I shouldn’t…

Still no time for M+, but with 2 Heroic drops from the Vault that should be ok. I managed to get my MH upgraded to 437 last week and thus could upgrade my OH basically for free and now I can still upgrade my belt and also buy some more upgrades, maybe I should try to get that done before the next raid…

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June in review

Oh wow, a second one of these posts. For several reasons June was probably my month with the least amount of gaming time in a long while and July doesn’t look much better with some plans.

I did end up buying Diablo 4 and starting the campaign, and it’s fun, but I’m not particularly far – taking it slow but I kinda wanna see more.

June 4th was my (and our) first raid day, cleared 8/9 Normal that week (Sun+Tue as usual) and then my next raid was the the 25th + 27th when we ended up at 5/9 Heroic. Tbh not completely sure what the guild did in the 2 weeks that I missed, I think they were on 9/9 Normal 1/9 Heroic.
Still at zero M+ and didn’t log in a lot, but at least I managed to get my gear in shape, in relation to my online time – 423 iLvl, where 424 is the max iLvl in Normal. But I guess if I can not totally fall behind with just raid logging I’m happy enough, and I got my 4 set bonus via Catalyst and a bit of rolling luck. Oh, and I’m back to playing Fury. Guess it goes hand in hand with this low-stress season where I couldn’t really be motivated to learn a new class and/or even gear it beforehand in our break between the seasons.

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Vault of the Incarnates – weeks 13 & 14

Week 13 nearly didn’t happen, but we did have a few tries on Tuesday that did not go very well.

Week 14 Sunday was actually promising, everyone seemed to be out of their chocolate egg induced raid coma and we got one really good try at 5% in the last phase. Also for the first time we consistently managed to even get to the phase with the two large adds. So there is still hope we will make it in time, but it will be close. The Tuesday raid was interesting as Raszageth just died on the 5th pull of the night and the 60th overall (14th this week), so we didn’t even have to do our break and just stopped after one hour, culminating in a raid break until 10.1 Normal opens (or maybe a week later).

In M+ news, I finally did it! I got my Keystone Hero on Friday, with a timed +18 Temple of the Jade Serpent, but the really lucky run that saved me about 2 others was a +19 Ruby Life Pools we two-chested 2h before that. Someone from a Discord community took me in despite the warning that I had only timed it +17 before, but it worked. The other two DPS did more damage but I didn’t mess anything up (one death very late on the last boss, they could’ve easily finished those 20 seconds). So, that was it for M+, and only AOTC was left for the Season but I already stopped stressing out with M+, the Warrior’s gear is basically perfect for what I have done (might just try to run one +20 SBG or CoS for having the max level Vault loot just once) and I’m now only running when I’m in the mood or someone needs help, not because I have a goal I desperately want to reach.

Soo… this is kinda weird now to have reached both long-standing goals in one week, and now it’s only about deciding what class/spec to use for raiding in 10.1, it will most probably not be Enhancement Shaman, but maybe Rogue, or Druid, or Warlock. Or maybe Warrior.

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