Mirror, mirror on the wall

When I read this post on Hunter pets, I started my reply with a huge summary about wow races, in my usual way of telling people what I think, no matter if they want to listen.
Then I did a quick cut and paste and present this post instead. So Jaedia’s dislike of female Orcs is to blame. Purely.

Anyway, I noticed that ny taste of wow races has changed so much over the years:

  • Awesome: Human female, Orc male, Dwarf male
  • OK: Tauren male, Gnome female, NE female
  • Ugly: The rest, especially Undead
  • No,no,no,no: Dwarf female, NE male
  • Awesome: Orcs, Troll male, Human+NE female, Gnomes
  • OK: The rest
  • No,no,no,no: BE male, NE male
I think a big part is that I didn’t want to play just Orcs over the years – if it was even possible, due to class restrictions, and nowadays I’m ok with nearly all the toons I ever started.
So the only “pending race changes” for me are
Priest: BE male to… whatever
Paladin: BE female to… Tauren

Which leaves me with these choices, for now:

  • Orc Rogue, male: hell yeah, screw the 90% lookalike Undead Rogues with their weird animations
  • Tauren Druid, male: Not much to choose from
  • Troll Warrior, male: I love the animations, plus it’s a rare combo – win.
  • Orc Shaman, female: Apart from all the horrible hairstyles, very nice.
  • Undead Mage, male: While I dislike Undead in general, male Priests and Mages are ok. With a dress *snicker*
  • Human Rogue, female: I chose Human for the shortened rep grinds and nice racials, plus the looks are ok. Now I’m a bit jealous of Gnomes, they’re nice. And extra sneaky.
  • Blood Elf Paladin, female: See above, can’t wait to be a cow lady. Sick of Blood Elves.
  • Orc Hunter, male: Nothing to say here, Orcs make really cool Hunters – male or female. Next best bet is Troll male and NE female. Oh, and Dwarves.
  • Blood Elf Warlock, female: A toon I rolled at the very start of TBC to “have a look at the new race and starting zone”. I find Warlock the best fit for a Blood Elf, and although I’m sick of the general abundance of them, I’m happy with my Warlock.
  • Blood Elf Priest, male: Not happy with the model, I dread the decision a bit. Not really sure which race I’d pick if I changed it.
  • Undead Death Knight, male: Most DKs are Blood Elves or Orcs it seems, and I already had a Troll plate wearer, so Undead it was. Quite happy with the choice.

Edit: What the hell, WordPress. Would you please stop eating my formatting? Wall of Massive Text without paragraphs sucks…
Edit2: Appaerently you won’t. WYSIF – What You See Is Fail…

3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall”

  1. My first hunter was back in the “oh God they’re all so ugly, she looks like a lesbian!” days. I’m an Alliance at heart, I love.. most Alliance races, can only really bring myself to play Blood Elf Horde side BUT I’m determined to one day level a Female Troll (and my Druid is a shecow). I love Female Draenei, Female Human, Female Night Elves. Female Gnomes are ok. Not a fan of Dwarves. And man elves? No, no, no, no. 😉
    I’m not a fan of Blood Elves per se, but they’re the only race I particularly enjoy playing. I tried to make my hunter an Orc once, it lasted 3 days, it wasn’t my hunter anymore. She was bald and wrong. That’s what put me off Female Orcs just when I was starting to appreciate them. Should I try again?

    1. As I said, not a huge fan of the bald ones myself, there are 2-3 decent hairstyles (not on creation though, I think) and I’ve always liked to wear a helmet *cough*
      I love the animations though, and they’re neither as diminutive as Elvers nor as bulky as Tauren or Dwarves 😛
      Up to you, but I think female Orcs are, just like male Dwarves only winning with Armor, they both look kind of stupid in starting zone rags.

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