Hawkeye’s Cosmic Prestige, part 2

It’s nearly a week later and I’m Level 33 (and a bit) – this is really as hard as people wrote on the forums :P. I played most nights since the last post, but not much every time. I think I’ve spent 8-9h in total. The Omega event has started and we’re at (3*24)% bonus XP today, that means 96% tomorrow and I’ll do Monday Midtown again and hoping to get some levels in.
And I’m also taking advantage of every XP bonus I can get:

  • Nanotech: Microsurgery Experimental Robots (+45 XP on kill)
  • Psionics: Overmind’s Power (+6% XP)
  • Psionics: Clairsentience (+20 XP on kill)
  • Neural Enhancement: Amadeus Cho (+5% XP)
  • Pet with +3 INT (+3% XP)
  • Legendary: Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep (+10% XP)
  • Mole Man Medallion (+9% XP and +2 INT)
  • Seer’s Brilliance Runeword (+1 INT and +100 XP on kill)
  • 1/3 Exp. Enchantment of Year (+20 XP on kill each)

Level 33 Hawkeye with 20 INT. Weird. (Displayed Bonus XP of 275% + 185.)
Other than that I levelled Doctor Strange to 47 casually and did a few Achievements (mostly finding the Treasure Rooms in Story Mode) and shuffling some gear around in the Stash by equipping some neglected Level 60 Heroes.

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