Waiting for the big SWTOR server merge

So the server merge I mentioned is supposed to be happening right now, so I can’t play today. 😐
GW2 is still a bit on the back burner (but I do like that I can log in, do a single pvp match and/or a jumping puzzle and some quests and have earned my 2g daily) but I think that’s ok.
I’ve finished Chapter VI of the SWTOR KotFE expansion on my Bounty Hunter (is that my new main? I don’t know, my only max-level character at least.) and meanwhile finished the original Level 50 story line on Sith Juggernaut and Sith Assassin – so three times on Empire side and two times on Republic side so far, with the following races unlocked: Mirialan, Twi’lek, Chiss (bought Legacy unlock anyway), Cyborg, and Sith Pureblood. Played the Sniper for a bit (still on Dromund Kaas), created a new Trooper and already deleted her after Ord Mantell again (don’t ask). Already recreated and ready for action. FemShep’s voice (Jennifer Hale) is a bit irritating, but still really good.
Speaking of voice actors, as I’m playing all the story lines, and mostly solo – I think I can say I’m playing this just like another Bioware Single Player RPG like Mass Effect, especially on the dead server – but that should be remedied by tomorrow, right? I love the voice actress of the Bounty Hunter (Grey DeLisle) and the Smuggler (Kath Soucie), whereas the Sith Inquisitor (Xanthe Elbrick) and Jedi Consular (Nolan North) are kinda fitting but not so good as the other two. The Sith Warrior (Mark Bazeley) is a little inbetween. Honorable mentions for these companions/characters: Risha, Mako, Jaesa, Vette, and Thana Vesh.
So I guess I should finally progress a little more in KotFE, gain some more Command Levels (why do I always stop at “max-level” and switch to alts so quick?) and there’s still a few stories to explore: Imperial Agent, Trooper, Jedi Knight… I also don’t have any Profession maxed yet, but least a few in the 400+ range. Also saving up for that 10m credits achievement. And the subscription was renewed a few days ago, but I don’t plan on stopping right now, let’s see after week 8-9 🙂

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