Leveling along in SWTOR

Still enjoying my renewed interest in SW:TOR, also the 2nd month of subscription kicked in. I wrote about Legendary last time, I’ve managed to get some more levels since then.

  • Bounty Hunter: Command Level to 97, Item Rating to 231
  • Scoundrel to 70, but that might have been before Legendary
  • Jedi Sentinel to 70
  • Jedi Sage (my main at launch) to 65, just finished Rishi, on to Yavin 4
  • Commando to 61
  • a fresh Jedi Shadow to 33
  • unchanged:
    • Sith Assassin at 50
    • Operative at 50
    • Sniper at 17

So it looks like I want a few more 70s, ticking off some achievements along the way. Command Level 300 is another goal, but as I wrote grinding Dailies at max level.. meh. I’m speeding up the leveling by cycling through toons who have rested XP and that I feel like playing.
I got a little more into Galactic Strongholds (Housing) and in addition to my basic apartments on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant I now own a small palace on Nar Shaddaa which isn’t fully unlocked yet, but I do have the 65% points bonus for Conquests. I also finished 2 of those already, which I hadn’t even tried before.
On a side note, WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is supposed to hit in 3 weeks and I usually subscribed a month before expansions if I wasn’t playing at the time – not sure how to proceed now. On the one hand, one MMO is usually enough at a time for me, and SWTOR is fun. On the other hand.. it has been a while and I’m kinda keen how WoW plays… I might hold up until September or October when the weather gets worse and I have more time to play…

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