Legendary, a bit late

As I wrote at the end of last year I was trying to get my 8th Level 50 character in SW:TOR for the Legendary flair, and then I kinda stopped playing. Didn’t really play anything the last 3 months, and only a bit of Diablo 3 before that.
But around 2 weeks ago I started with SW:TOR again, first just to try if it’s fun again, then I resubbed quite soon. Anyway, my Zabrak Trooper is Level 50 now, I am legendary, and Zabrak is unlocked as well, yay. Played the Rattataki Sniper for an hour or two as well, so that’s the next project – or maybe continue playing the Trooper for a while. It’s been long enough that I did Makeb, so maybe I should. Or just continue to grab a few more Command Levels on my 70 Powertech, but as usual the endgame grind isn’t really for me 😐

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