Still trying to resist

This blog lay pretty much dormant for the last half year, apart from a little talk about SW:TOR and a little Diablo 3, and I actually didn’t play much from January until July. No special reasons, I just didn’t enjoy any games except Picross on mobile while waiting for stuff.
But for some reason or another I started to play SW:TOR again like 5 weeks ago and now I’m playing too much again – every minute I’m not at work, or sleeping, or outside basically.
WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is drawing closer and every day I’m feeling the pull getting stronger. It also didn’t help to join another Discord where people are excitedly talking and blogging in preparation of the new expansion.
That Discord… Belghast restarted Blaugust planning for 2018 already and while I have written about it in 2015 I haven’t ever taken part. But all the excitement is pretty infectious and maybe I’ll give in and do start. I actually thought I was part of NBI in some year, but I might be misremembering. (It’s a shame really, I just found a dead .com and a dead forum url for it, would’ve been a nice trip back in time, but I’m too lazy to scour the web archive now…)
Or maybe I can resist and neither join Blaugust nor jump into BfA, although there aren’t really any good reasons to skip either…

3 thoughts on “Still trying to resist”

  1. At least then you would be able to divide your time among several activities instead of dumping it into one? I know, it doesn’t work well for me. I tend to be all in on one activity until I’m burned out then move onto the next one. It’s a slow burn trying to turn that around, but I feel like I’m improving at least.
    We’re glad to have you regardless. I like the discord channel, even when I’m not actively participating in the conersation.

    1. I think some people identify as gamers and that’s what they do. I’m just a guy who also happens to play games as a hobby. Sometimes too much, sometimes nothing for months, it’s ok 🙂
      I hope I didn’t sound like I made a huge deal out of it, but I guess doing stuff in phases is what suits me more. Same for other hobbies, really.

  2. Fair enough man. I have come to terms with the fact that I’m the former. Games are what I do. I did quit for several years a while back, but that’s the exception. To each their own though.

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