Still trying to resist

This blog lay pretty much dormant for the last half year, apart from a little talk about SW:TOR and a little Diablo 3, and I actually didn’t play much from January until July. No special reasons, I just didn’t enjoy any games except Picross on mobile while waiting for stuff.
But for some reason or another I started to play SW:TOR again like 5 weeks ago and now I’m playing too much again – every minute I’m not at work, or sleeping, or outside basically.
WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is drawing closer and every day I’m feeling the pull getting stronger. It also didn’t help to join another Discord where people are excitedly talking and blogging in preparation of the new expansion.
That Discord… Belghast restarted Blaugust planning for 2018 already and while I have written about it in 2015 I haven’t ever taken part. But all the excitement is pretty infectious and maybe I’ll give in and do start. I actually thought I was part of NBI in some year, but I might be misremembering. (It’s a shame really, I just found a dead .com and a dead forum url for it, would’ve been a nice trip back in time, but I’m too lazy to scour the web archive now…)
Or maybe I can resist and neither join Blaugust nor jump into BfA, although there aren’t really any good reasons to skip either…

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Blaugust, but not for me

This is kind of about Blaugust. I’d already read a lot of stuff during last year’s month-long blogging event and I think it’s a cool idea, so check it out if you read this but haven’t heard of it, which I find unlikely anyway.
Sadly it is not for me, for several reasons. I already wrote that I put gaming (and some other things) on the backburner at the moment for lack of enjoyment and an urge to spend more time outside in the sun. Also I usually am doing my biggest holiday trip of the year in August, also this year. Incidentally I am mostly writing this post because I am sitting in a lobby, drinking coffee and waiting for something in preparation of said trip. Then I am really bad at forcing myself to blog. I’ve been blogging on and off for around 15 years I think, so I’d say I know what works and what doesn’t. And finally, I plan to write about my trip extensively, but not here. Unlike a lot of people who either blog under their real name or add personal stuff, I put that elsewhere and that’s why most posts here are just summaries of what I did. But don’t worry, you’re not missing out on my “exciting” life 😛

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NBI 2015

At the off chance someone’s reading this blog and still missed it in their filter bubble, the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015 has started. I am absolutely not involved, but I love the idea – so many new Gaming blogs to check out. And as someone who is more likely to stick reading because of the mix of topics mixed with writing style it’s not as easy as “try to find all blogs for game X” to find new reading material.

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