SWTOR – Weekly report & new patch

Before the Blaugust hype started I mostly posted updates on what I was playing, seems I didn’t do that for a week now.
Still had a few Command XP boosts and my eyes set on reaching Command Level 300 this year, so I worked on that for a while. For some reason I switch from easy relaxed playing to clenching my teeth and not even getting up for a drink when I have XP boosts running, bit of an unhealthy attitude. Anyway, the boost is 2h and in 70 minutes I managed to do Ziost, Section X, and Voss including the weeklies, which catapulted me from 97 to 108. Sadly I didn’t think it through properly and did those 3 again yesterday, so no Weekly – and I only got 2 Levels instead of the assumed (((108-97)/7)*5) =7.x 🙁 So this week I’m probably gonna check Black Hole and some other planets so I don’t make that mistake again.
My Imperial Agent hit 60 today and just finished the Legacy of Rakata Flashpoint, so that’s 10 levels missing here and 20 levels on my Sith Assassin for 8x Level 70 (hooray for arbitrary goals). That dungeon really sucks solo. War Chief Rehkta takes ages, Commander Rand takes even longer and the final boss fight also draws out. Bonus points for a buggy companion on Rand (no Heroic Moment) and in general the IA in my spec/gear is maybe good for burst, but not sustained damage.
In more positive news, I’m close to bringing another Profession to 600, although it’s only Investigation, which means logging in every 20 minutes and spending money, but well…
I still have my Level 65 boost and I’m still not sure what class to spend it on.
The 5.9.2 update Galactic Legend has gone live today, but either I’m missing some patch notes or the only interesting thing is the Rishi Stronghold that’s too expensive for me right now. I do have ~7m but I still need to buy some wings for my Nar Shaddaa Stronghold. So I’m a little unexcited about this content patch, but at least the servers were up and running when I got home from work. Apparently we have +100% XP though for a few days.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my seventh post.

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