Once upon a time at launch, part 3

Concluding what I started to days ago (Part 1, Part 2) these are the last entries in my SWTOR diary-like blog back when it launched.

Jan 15 2012 10:54 am – Endgame

So I reached Level 50 yesterday, basically just before the end of my class quest (and it was quite hard, so glad I had that tiny extra of whatever I got) just shy of 7d /played (that’s with a little bit of afk time for lunch and one or two hour-long crafting sessions – but I’m missing 20 points in Archaeology and 50 points in Underworld Trading, I think 7d is a good figure for max level plus professions).
I’m wrapping up Corellia as I write this (at least I think there’s only a handful of quest before the Bonus Series) and so the leveling game is basically done.
I didn’t play any alt (apart from 20 mins on a Smuggler) and I was very happy with my Jedi Consular, then Sage in the cookie cutter PvE Healing spec. At times a group of mobs died a bit slow, but I really didn’t feel at a disadvantage by not using a DPS spec.
I’ve used Qyzen Fess, my tank companion, exclusively apart from the few missions where one of the others was mandatory. Maybe I could’ve pimped Nadia’s gear to a point where this would have been faster, but with Qyzen it just worked.
The only real weaknesses were:

  • multiple Sith mobs with Force abilities, they chewes through his health too quickly
  • multiple Strong mobs standing close to each other so CC couldn’t be used
  • every time a “hard” fight (class quest, mission) started from a dialogue, I died very quickly because I couldn’t CC. Qyzen’s AoE just woke them up eventually. After dying and disabling those 2 abilities, I usually finished the fight without any problems and very quickly

So, I really have to get to my ship now as several companions want to talk again and then I’ll probably dive into Level 50 Flashpoints and hopefully hard modes. Quest-wise there’s still the Corellia Bonus Series if it exists and Hoth. I think I left out Nar Shaddaa and Alderaan as well and finished all the others. Oh, and many Datacrons to fetch and maybe there’s even some Raiding for me…

That first part sounds interesting, problems doing a solo quest? As a healer with the support of a Tank companion? Just googled a bit and apparently several people had some problems, but the Jedi Knight boss was even harder they wrote. Here’s also one thing I retroactively hate – before they changed the companions so that all of them can take any role… with my Healer spec I had some reasons to use a Tank, so there was Qyzen and Iresso. I preferred Qyzen and there was no reason to mix and match – so when we got the achievements I had like 10 days played and 1 companion with 1000 kills, and then 4 with < 100 kills, yay. Also they were all on influence level 10, whereas now you can easily have one or more at 15-20 when you hit Level 70 – but my old main has less than 5 companions with influence rank 10, and none with a higher one. Great. All others have at least one at 20, just from leveling.

Jan 22 2012 9:42 pm – Raiding

Woot, my guild took me on a healing trip to Eternity Vault today and after a few wipes we managed to clear it. So now I have Legs and a Main Hand Weapon and 1 Alloy to craft a 3rd epic. Very nice.
The handling feels a little clunky compared to WoW and especially the last boss is still quite bug-ridden, but all in all it was much fun.

That last boss in EV is Soa and as I hear the encounter still has some bugs. Probably the falling platforms, but I guess there was more. I think I haven’t set foot into a raid (ok ok, Operation) since either that 22nd of January or a week later. I just remember that shortly after that post so many people in that guild stopped playing that the guild basically imploded. I did level my Bounty Hunter already back then, but iirc I was only Level 27 or even a bit less. I remember logging out on Tatooine and then not touching the game for a few years. I’m pretty sure I came back when Makeb came out, leveled to 55 and again went on hiatus until autumn of 2017 when I started with a fresh character (my Juggernaut) and leveled all the way to 70, but only completed the original content – then hiatus again until a few months ago and since then I’ve been very active.
So, that’s it. I don’t usually repurpose content, but in this case I think it was the correct choice to embed this and reflect on the past. I wish I had written a few more entries back then, but I even derailed the whole blog in the first place, as it was originally intended as the dev log for my up and coming fansite that never left closed alpha stage.

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