To guild or not to guild

I’ve come back to SWTOR 3 months ago (insert 3 monther MMO joke here) and my sub is due to renew tomorrow. A week or two ago I pondered whether to keep it, because I was still really pumped for WoW, a feeling which had come up during the BfA pre-launch hype and Blaugust. But now after reading a lot of first month review posts (sorry if I forgot someone) I’m not so sure I’m still hyped. The reviews aren’t at fault, most people seem to be mostly happy with the expansion. I’m still kinda curious, but the hype has died down for now.
This brings me to my original thought though, I’m playing mostly solo right now and I’m wondering if I’d be happier in a guild again. It’s not that I was actively avoiding them, I’m now GM by of two dead SWTOR guilds, just by showing up in 2018…
Can I even say I have a mixed history with guilds? I’ve always been in a clan while I was playing FPS games 15 to 20 years ago, no problems there. In my first MMO, Ragnarok Online, I wasn’t lucky at first, but then found some cool people on IRC and joined their casual guild (as in non “non-organized group content”). I wasn’t in a WoW guild until I hit 60 in vanilla, since then I was in a few guilds. I think it was only ever in 2 clusters of guilds in 8 years, if you count reforming with half of the people.
So either I’ll buy BfA and play WoW in early October, then I will either play Alliance in the guild where I’m the “returns every 2 years” guy, or go back to my Horde mains and probably have to look for a guild. A quick search on the realm forums wasn’t helpful, no recruitment posts except for hardcore raiding, which I don’t plan to do and there’s no use applying before max level anyway. Maybe my friends list will be helpful once I login. Or maybe my guild isn’t as dead as it looks on the armory, but I guess it’s only 3-4 people and 2 of those hardly talk in chat.
Anyway, if I stick to SWTOR either by not buying BfA or by playing both (haha, fat chance)… the Tulak Hord (German server) realm forums also look dead, the Darth Malgus (English server) one has like three times the current posts, maybe even more. Also somehow my fellow Germans (and the minority of people speaking German) seem to piss me off much more than the people on EU servers, I don’t know why. I saw some recruitment posts, but never seen anyone of those guilds ingame. Apparently it’s a lot more common in SWTOR to have a sister guild on the other faction than in WoW. So at least that could help, as I’m pretty much 60/40 Empire/Republic right now.
So the only thing I know is that I guess I’d like to be part of a guild again after a few years of being the lonely ranger. I just don’t know yet in which game and in which faction – and how I’ll find one. Great.

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  1. The forums are usually just a place for the complainers , if you really want to know if SWTOR is dead, Check the Fleet in game, or jump around the planets, it’s not as dead as some are saying, and from what I’ve heard Darth Malgus is the most popular one for the EU side, where as US it’s pretty much Star Forge, I don’t do the guild thing in either WoW or SWTOR, Everytime I’ve tried, it’s just ended badly so I just do solo, and doing PUGs from time to time , but only if it’s important to my quest line.

    1. I know the server’s not dead, I’m still playing and I see people all the time 😉 I’m just not a fan of randomly chatting up people without knowing anything besides the name of their guild.
      Jokes aside, I’m totally fine with no one really using the realm forums, but if it there are no guild recruitment posts (or at least a list of guild websites from this or the last year)… then I am confused.

  2. I’d offer you a guild invite in SWTOR, but I’m on Darth Malgus myself. 🙂 As general guild-finding advice I can only suggest checking the Conquest boards and then googling a couple of the guilds on there to find their guild websites or whatever other online presences they might have. Even if you’re not super into Conquest yourself, it’s a good way of finding a guild with a minimum amount of active people in it, and if you’re not going for one of the absolute top guilds, they’re usually not that picky when it comes to inviting people either.

    1. Conquest boards is a really good idea as it should measure current activity and not some years old “we are the best” posting – thank you, will definitely check that out 🙂 And thanks for the offer, since the big merge I’m a little meh on my decision to play on Jar’kai Sword (some googling seems to suggest I even started on The Restoration Zone, so I got server-merged twice) back then, as it only lasted a very short while.

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