More crafting, so much crafting…

As I had to buy some mats on the GTN anyway, I also made the push for 600 Artificer with those Arch mats. This frees up a HUGE chunk of inventory space, although again I failed to properly inventorize and had 2 dupes. This is the Juggernaut.

Then I went ahead and pushed Armstech on my Sith Assassin to 550 (not pictured) and then went on to complete everything on my Smuggler. That’s 3 more Crew Skills at 600, but not so much bank space reclaimed this time via Command Crate Cybertech schematics (no dupes this time, yay):

So that’s nice, a 2nd character with 3x 600 – the Sage needs 20 points in Archaeology which I should be able to gather while leveling in KotET.

Which means there’s only 3 left: Armormech, Armstech (both 550), and Archaeology (580). Phew.
Nothing else exciting happened, except that I’m also trying to get this week’s Conquest done on the Smuggler (at 9k after 2 days) and get some Conquest levels on Sage (now at 200) and Smuggler (now 140). Having concrete goals helps me a great ton.
Oh and this ingame mail was hilarious:

2 thoughts on “More crafting, so much crafting…”

  1. Don’t know if you saw, but it’s also double (C)XP this week, so if you had any levelling goals left this week would be good for working on those.

    1. Yes, thanks, already on it. I had originally missed it (damn small icon) but someone said something in fleet chat on Tuesday evening. Pushing hard already, but (for me) it doesn’t seem to be really worth it (per toon) after handing in Ziost, CZ, Black Hole, Yavin 4, and Section X. Maybe Oricon, but I don’t like it. And Makeb is just awful. 😛

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