Setting goals for the future

A goals/achievements update. Funny how I wanted to post this on Sunday but ended up playing a lot, until after midnight. So some inline updates. 😛
Missing/working on it:

  • 13x 9x Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars, then the 200 missions are done
  • Get Commando to CL 300
  • Missing 4 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 539
      • Lord Scourge: 444 309
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies
  • Group Content:
    • Heal a Flashpoint
    • Heal an Operation
    • Do the 8 FPs I’ve never seen at least once
    • Try out Galactic Starfighter
    • Try out Space Missions for the first time since 2011
    • Try out an Uprising
  • Do the Star Fortress quests for a second time
  • Finish my Datacrons: Rishi, Fleet, Corellia, Taris

Done (what a short list):

  • 10th Class to Level 70 (Mercenary), now missing Marauder (55), Guardian (20 50), Sniper (20), Sorcerer, Gunslinger, Vanguard
  • 100% Life Day
  • 2500 kills with C2-N2, and thus all achievements with the 2 droids

The real question is now if I want to grind out those 2500 kills on the Sentinel/Assassin that I hardly play or if I try to get my 20 Guardian up quickly to do Rusk/Scourge. Sounds a lot more interesting, with the XP event I can focus on the class story and still progress quickly. Then there’s still the weeklies, right now I’m using my Smuggler to farm healing gear for the Operative: Do weeklies, gain ~20 boxes, respec Healing, open them, reslot all 246/248 items to Bind-to-Legacy. Same can be done with the Commando once I hit 300. Not a bad use of my time I guess.
Also the Relics of the Gree Conquest (that I usually don’t like provided me with more completions than usual. Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Juggernaut, Operative, and maybe I can even finish Guardian).

2 thoughts on “Setting goals for the future”

  1. This Tuesday will be Total Galactic War, so you should be able to tick another item off the list then. That’s an ambitious number of goals by the way!

    1. Yeah, I saw. Will be out of town for a few days starting Wednesday morning though, as usual…
      And I know, but I deliberately didn’t give a timescale 😉

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