Last week’s goals, updated

I wrote about some goals a week ago and despite not being at home for a few days I managed to check a few things off the list. But tomorrow (in like 9h) work starts again and things will slow down. Also I managed to do some of the easy ones, pfff

  • DONE Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars
  • Get Commando to CL 300 (at 265)
  • Missing 4 3 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 1 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 417
      • Lord Scourge: 444 0
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885 675
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70 (at 57)
    • Get Guardian to 70 (at 58)
    • Finish Makeb on Marauder
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Assassin
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies – normal / heroic

So that’s only one of twelve chars not having done Makeb and one of twelve not having done Ilum. But seven sitting with “Battle of Ilum” in their quest log and one with “False Emperor” – so that’s the cutoff point for my willingness to continue the Ilum story arc.

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