Plans for Azeroth

Real life has been a bit busy and weird the last 2 weeks, so I’ve not done much besides playing WoW when I have time and so I forgot to finish that last draft.
I’m still doing my Emissary Quest on both chars every day and finishing the War Campaigns as I unlock the rep steps. Well, actually I just finished the Alliance 8.0 one.
It’s still fun, so I’ll stay for at least another month for now.
I did have a lot of alts on max level after Legion, 7 in total, but only 2 of them Alliance. While I loved the Demon Hunter in Legion I didn’t want to level this class again right now, also because it’s a lot less fitting to Kul Tiras. Legion was perfect. So first of all I dusted off my 61 Dwarf Hunter who had been left in Hellfire Peninsula at the start of Legion (I guess) and been using up the rested XP. He’s at 67 now and has Heirlooms en masse.
But I really wanted to push for another max level character. I had made a Worgen Druid at some point, standing in Gilneas at Level 1. Screenshot, delete, remake as 110 class trial, finally use up the boost. Bam!
This time I tried to stay clear of all the non-main story line quests and just followed the main story. I’m 117 now and finished Drustvar and Tiragarde Sound. Let’s see how this works out in the end, including starting the War Campaign at 118.
Sorry Horde chars, but as long as I stayed unsociable in SWTOR I really like Guild Chat after all and so I need to stick to Alliance for now.
Immediate plans are:

  • Get Druid to 120
  • Finish the Horde War Campaign
  • 3 Garrison rare naval missions and ~100 normal ones :/
  • Unlock the four Allied Races in BfA:┬áKul Tiran Humans, Zandalari Trolls, Dark Iron Dwarves, Mag’har Orcs – I’ve given up on the 2 Argus ones
  • Get Hunter to 90, maybe 100 – then think about whether to upgrade Heirlooms
  • Look at LFR this expansion

Not so immediate plans are:

  • Maybe push for all Exalted reps on the Rogue, need Honorbound and Zandalar anyway
  • Maybe take up Suramar rep grinding again for the Nightborne, but my character with the highest rep (Shaman) is still 110.
  • So maybe level Shaman first?

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