Choices are hard

I have the most first worldliest of first world problems, the race/class distribution of my WoW toons.
Right now I’m playing more Alliance (Horde is kind of figured out for the most part already) and while I had a plan, with the Allied Races everything is unclear again. Not sure what I should do.

  • Paladin – Dwarf – fine
  • Druid – Worgen – fine
  • Rogue – Human – fine (but won’t be maxed right now, due to Horde Rogue)
  • Demon Hunter – Night Elf – fine, no choice anyway
  • Hunter – Dwarf – regretting this a bit, but ok
  • Priest – Worgen – fine

Now the problems begin.

  • Warrior – Level 101 on wrong server. Shall I transfer?
  • Shaman – Level 80 on wrong server. Shall I transfer?
  • Warlock – Gnome was planned, but might be a good class for an Allied race
  • Mage – got a Level 20 Draenei, not to late to remake as Allied Race
  • Monk – kinda uninteresting, but again: Allied Race?
  • Death Knight – didn’t plan to, but could make this a Gnome after all…
  • I also have a Level 100 boost spare, so should be used for a non-Allied Race char (because of the Heritage Armor)

Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are out of the picture right now anyway, but Kul Tiran Humans and Dark Iron Dwarves are kinda in reach.
The Allied Races can’t be DKs so I could switch my planned Gnome Warlock to be a DK.
If I chose to transfer my Warrior I could still start a Dark Iron Shaman and choose either Monk or Mage or Warlock for Kul Tiran. Decisions, decisions…
Also apparently I have begun running MC, Onyxia and BWL for transmog stuff again *sigh* Not sure how many runs I’ll need for that damn Paladin T2 Headgear.

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