News from Eorzea

Doing the daily Duty Roulette and Guildhest was pretty nice for the first 20 levels as a Marauder but somehow at 25 it started to stall. Mobs didn’t die so quickly anymore, some levequests are actually hard and I died to random mobs in the wilderness.
I’d hit 27 and had a quick look at Palace of the Dead. It’s a bit weird but seems ok. Half a level in 15min is definitely faster than soloing. Then I did 2 more and a few quests and am 30 now, yay. And a Warrior, of course.
Because I somehow like the holy trinity (except in SWTOR?) I also put a bit of time into the Conjurer. Level 17 now and it’s kind of fun.
I also made my first foray into gathering in FFXIV and started to level Botanist up to 10. It’s kind of involved, coming from WoW and SWTOR where it’s just run around and stop every once in a while to harvest something. I mean it didn’t take ages, but just the level 1/5/10 quests are somewhat time consuming already. This system really seems quite different than in other games.
Finally I discovered the Sightseeing log but I guess I won’t bother for now. The first one in Gridania was already kinda non-trivial and didn’t give a reward.

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