Somewhat busy in Azeroth

As I tend to claim, I’ve not forgotten WoW, I’ve actually been busy doing things. Not just letting my minions run missions… (still not sure if this was a good idea to keep from the garrison…)
I didn’t really count, but during Love is in the Air I used 8 characters at 110+ and ran the dungeon for the mount. I think I did that for like 10 days, maybe 6, maybe 11. I’m kinda glad it’s over now but I would have loved to get the mount.
I also finally finished the 5th class hall campaign (having that achievement at 4/5 kinda annoyed me every time I looked at it). I think it was only 10 quests on the hunter, whereas the Warlock would’ve needed a dungeon run (in Legion, haha) and then more like 20 quests – so the choice was easy. I was reminded how much I loved some of those class hall campaigns overall though… So I’m kinda eager to see how much sense it makes to do them on the chars where I didn’t do them (Druid, Mage, Priest, DK, Monk.. I guess?) Whereas I started (got a toon to 110) but never finished (as seen by the lack of achievement) on Paladin and Warlock – and the 5 I completed now (Rogue, Demon Hunter, Shaman, Warrior) –  this makes 12 classes… so the math checks out.
I’m also still trying to finish the naval mission stuff and grabbing herbs from the Garrison to buy the transmog items with Draenic Seeds – but I think that’s the only thing I will do for WoD content at the moment…
I can also scale back my running of MC, BWL and Onyxia a bit because this Sunday my Paladin Tier 2 Helm finally dropped! Ok, it’s the Onyxia Level 80 version but the devs had mercy and this completes the set – good enough for me. This week I did 3 MC runs and 4 Ony runs, zero BWL. I guess I can go to at most 3 MC, 3 Ony and 1 BWL from now on. But only the Paladin T2 made me run stuff every week…

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