Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part 2

After a few days of Broken Shore dailies (did I count? The blog says nothing, so I guess 1-2 weeks?) I hit Revered with the Armies of Legionfall last night and can now finally fly in Legion content.

As I didn’t play a lot during Legion and WoD that still leaves me with those 2 expansions where I didn’t hit Exalted with most (or any) factions, so I guess there’s still some WQ grinding to do, as I want to at least catch up my Rogue. Also the Argussian thing is still missing and afaik I need Exalted with the Armies for one of the two Allied Races I am missing. Never gets boring. Well, it could, but now that I can fly it should be easy to do some more WQs in the Broken Isles and Broken Shore. Slow and steady.

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