Argus, we have a problem

As I had finished up the Broken Shore rep to Revered a few days ago I wanted to take a look at Argus and maybe progress far enough into the quest line so I could do the gated emissary quest that popped up today. There are 2 Allied Races to be unlocked after all

So off to the Exodar I went, got myself ported to the Vindicaar and then… I somehow misclicked and was in Dalaran again. Now how to get there again? Relog to Alliance, ask the guild: “There’s a portal near the Dalaran flight master.” Nope, no portal. Checking the internet: there really should be a portal. Also, if you manage to not hand in the first quest there you’re out of luck and have no portal – I’m not the first one with this problem. Great. I didn’t want to abandon the quest for fear of something going wrong. Do I have to go back to the Exodar? To Orgrimmar? Dalaran? No idea how the original quest was called and where I got it. Risky.

So I don’t have a lot of BattleNet friends in general, and nearly all my former Horde guildies have stopped playing or started new toons that I didn’t have on my friends list, but I was lucky. One guy who wasn’t even in my last (actually current, but dead) Horde guild and with whom I’ve kept in touch over the years – and he has a Warlock at 120! So I sent a tell around noon and waited. I was in luck as he came back to the Blizzard app a few hours later, logged in the Warlock, had actually gone to Argus before on that toon and was willing to summon me. Now we just needed to find 2 people who could also go there and click. To my dismay (and surprise) I only saw 10 people in Dalaran in the 5 minutes I spent asking in general and then whispering every single one of them. Nobody even answered. OK, maybe some didn’t see it or were afk. He was more lucky in Argus and could actually recruit 2 people to summon me there. I handed in my quest and set my Hearthstone to there. Haven’t checked yet if I have the portal in Dalaran now, but I hope so.

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