Seventeen and eighteen

Last tuesday I dinged for the 17th time – my Blood Elf Retri Paladin and last night for the 18th time – my Gnome Sub Rogue. Paladin was kinda smooth, relaxing, and easy again, the Rogue was stressful and died a lot. Really not sure if it’s me or the class this expansion. But it’s my only Gnome and I wanted the heritage armor.

Immolation & Sin’dorei gear mix very well
Too cheap to transmog yet, need Benthic gear first.

So now I have the heritage armor for Blood Elves, Tauren, Gnomes, and Dwarves. Getting my 120 Worgen Druid to Exalted is probably next, as the Goblin is 86 and on the wrong server and the Allied Race chars all still way below that level.

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