Classic woes and a fresh start

It’s been 2 weeks already with the whole Blizzard kerfuffle and while I don’t feel the need to justify why I won’t boycott Blizzard in the form of cancelling my WoW subscription, I did want to write down some things. I think the boycott is a good idea, I also don’t agree on what they did and how they did it. The problem is just that the game’s too important for me right now.

While I had stopped playing WoW as my bread and butter login daily MMO in 2014 (when I stopped raiding) and have only come back as a 3 month tourist for WoD and Legion, I have been subscribed for quite a while and it’s the game I play most right now and not much else provides fun. But that’s not the main point, the main point is that I’m finally playing Classic with friends who never shared a server with me in Retail. I started in Vanilla, they started when WotLK launched. I visited them on their server a few times for a bit (even did a cool thing once), but understandably never stuck around – so Classic is the first time we get to really play together, not just talk about WoW (which we have been doing IRL for over 10 years now).

Speaking of said guild group in Classic, we all hit 43-44 and had an Uldaman run scheduled when one had to take an extended break for an unspecified amount of time. Because we were only 5 people at level to begin with (still waiting for our Rogue to come back at all), we decided to put an official halt on this group until he returns, just maybe level to 45.

The good news is that we do have some alts and so we started converging on the same level and already did Ragefire Chasm on the weekend. 17 Warrior Tank, 15 Hunter, 15 Feral Druid Healer, 13 Affliction Warlock. Went pretty good for a 4man run. Next step is Wailing Caverns at 20, we’ll see if we 4man it again. Also the guild has 9 people in total, so we might pick up some of the others on the way – we’ll see.

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