Small updates only

I’ve not done a lot of interesting things the last 2 weeks, mostly because of a nasty flu that didn’t so much knock me down to bed but more made my head completely dizzy and unable to concentrate on anything but a few dailies and grinding. I didn’t even dare to login to Classic because I found the questing to be too hard. Yay.

I’m still trying to catch up all the professions from Legion, and some from Draenor (mostly Alliance) so I was busy gathering some mats, at the same time doing some Broken Isles WQs and Emissary Quests. And a few Mythic 5man solo dungeon runs because those are a joke at 120.

Legion Mining seems to be a pain and my Human Rogue is lacking most of the points, Draenor Inscription seems to be fine with 1-2 points per day if you remember. On the other hand Mining will fuel my lackluster Legion Jewelcrafting which seems to need a ton of Ore to prospect. Kinda glad I don’t even have a BS on alliance side. Overall there seems to be a reason that despite playing a few toons in Legion I never have been so sloppy with professions, because they were horrible. BfA is better, but not by a huge margin – but I at least have the gathering ones maxed on nearly all toons and am well beyond 100 on some crafting ones.

Draenor Cooking is mostly mailing the correct staple of mats around and maybe buying a few things at the Garrison. Horde has been done for a while but I only have 2 Alliance garrisons, and need the last 5 points of Draenor Cooking on the 7th Alliance toon.

And lastly I’m grinding out Legionfall, Argussian Reach and Army of the Light rep on the Rogue and do a few Broken Isles Emissary Quests on the Shaman, my Legion Horde main who is progressed most. Need to tick those checkboxes 😛

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