Remaining WoW goals for BfA

With starting to get into SWTOR again and EVE still going strong I think it’s time to officially take WoW activity and goals down a notch and stop logging in for the sake of logging in. I think I’ve reached or am close to most of the goals I have set myself:

  • 1 per class, per faction at max level
    • Alliance Warlock dinged 80 yesterday, Alliance Priest is 73
  • get BfA reps to a certain degree
    • 7 chars have most BfA reps at Exalted
    • 2 are missing a select few ones, I’m waiting for emissaries here
    • might go for Ramkahen / Pandaria to Exalted, might not
  • Class mounts
    • Rogue and Shaman done
    • Demon Hunter and Warrior are kinda close to class hall done?
  • rest is probably out, might revisit later
    • Heritage Armor
    • 4 done
    • 3 leveling
    • 3 meh
  • Professions
    • check what’s missing next time Darkmoon Faire is up but I got a good chunk done last Darkmoon Faire, e.g. leveling Cooking to 100 or even 170 on 20 toons, then grabbing the last 5

So I guess it’s down to use of rested XP and just get those 3 toons a level or two every week or so. It’s not that it is not fun, but I’m not in the mood to play for hours and hours, but every few days is fun.

Orc Shaman on Farseer’s Raging Tempest

3 thoughts on “Remaining WoW goals for BfA”

  1. Ah, thanks for the reminder about Professions. I used to be very diligent about levelling each character’s professions, but they became so much work for so little reward at some point that I kind of dropped off.

    I think I also lost momentum when they split the levelling into ~100 level chunks in each expac instead of a straight 1->800. For some reason losing the one big number (that I’d worked hard to get) for a bunch of small ones changed my motivation.

    I should knuckle down and try and get a few of them done.

    1. Yeah I feel you. Up to Pandaria I took pride in having all professions maxed on all my max-level toons (except Fishing, ok). But after my long break I noticed I didn’t really enjoy the profession quests and especially that it looked even more like a money sink, and the dungeon requirements in Legion, ugh.
      Now BfA is late-expansion enough that I cared to catch up most of it.

      I’d be torn on the split-up thing, but as I hated Legion profs so much I’m glad they did it, otherwise I would have had to stop completely if I couldn’t have skipped it. While I have most of BfA maxed, a lot of Legion professions are still on 30-60 on many toons.

      1. Good point about it allowing you to skip. I hadn’t considered that.
        Fishing is the only profession I have always kept up with 🙂

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