Back in SWTOR, I guess

I got persuaded to click a link to be referred as a returning player into… SWTOR! (as I’d been planning to)

Here are a few first impressions (I’d written about Onslaught very briefly in October).

My characters are a mess, needed an hour to log in all 12 and get just a quick overview. All but one of the 70s are at exactly 60% XP into Level 71 except for 1. That one was CL 300 and I see no difference. Really weird. the 2 5x are also exactly at 60% XP into the next level. Even weirder.

Edit a few hours later: It seems to reset to 70 + 0% when ingame for a while, so probably just a weird display bug.

As I remembered correctly, my Republic and Empire mains have finished KotFE+KotET, and one alt has finished KotFE. Everyone else has finished most of the story lines up to that part, except for Ilum (half of them), Oricon (a few them), and Iokath (only the 3 I think). I still have the “Use the Group Finder”, “Try Starfighter!” and “Join a Warzone!” quests on most of them.

Half of them are completely swamped with BoE Adaptive Gear, sorted by Slot. One has all Feet+Legs items, one all Headgears, etc.pp.

2 new Astromech pets, 4 decoration items, a title, and 4 useless unlocks times 12.

I had a lot more millions of ingame currency than I’d remembered. Apparently I just collect it and don’t spend it. I also have 3 Gold Cartel packs of Decorations, unopened, must have bought them just before leaving. I also have 5757 Cartel Coins to spend. Yay.

Half of the toons have no spec, half still have one. That’s gonna be fun.

Wanted to start the Onslaught quest line, but I couldn’t find it. Fleet. Ship. Ossus. And then again all of those. I could finish the “Hearts and Minds” quest on Odessen, but then nothing. Then I went to bed.

This morning I did a complete run around Ossus, doing 11 dailies and fulfilling my weekly Conquest goal but the XP bar stopped at 99%. Researched some more.

Apparently I am a “subscriber”, but not a “subscriber”, so until I pay I will not get Onslaught.

Goddammit, Bioware, this (paying for new content) is completely fine if you message this correctly and not let me search for the breadcrumb quest for an hour and then block me from progressing at 99% of the XP. Had I not gotten any XP at 70.0% I would’ve noticed it. I had planned to pay anyway, but because I don’t know if I would waste these 7 days now I’m probably gonna wait – good job! I even got the “You’re a subscriber!” popup when I logged in and on the account management page I also have 6 days left. How poorly can you name this?

Anyway, weekly Conquest resets in 6h, so I’m gonna do something else before starting to go to 70.99 on the army of alts tonight. And maybe I’ll find out if I won’t waste these 6 days so I can subscribe sooner than next week.

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