One more class story done

No post for a month, no SWTOR post for 6 weeks.

Today I finally cleaned out my Legacy Cargohold and distributed gear to the toons with missing 306 sets. A few items missing here and there, 1-2 are only at 305, but the rest of the dozen is at 306 and I’m just missing a few set pieces.

Also just finished the original class mission on my Sniper, didn’t hate playing her from Level 30 on as at the start. She’s 54 now and so I unlocked Rattataki, the last missing launch race.

Managed to finish my Conquests on most toons most weeks and so I had quite a few Tech Fragments to spend. All in all, quite boring to write about but it kept me busy.

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  1. I’m curious how World War Bee has been going for your side. I read Wilhelm’s posts and I’m obviously missing context, so I can’t figure out who’s winning or losing, or if it’s just like WW1 where the front lines move a bit but don’t really change much.

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