I don’t think it’s too late to summarize BfA goals

Edit: the post’s title should’ve been “I don’t think it’s too early to summarize BfA goals” but I messed up.

Another month has passed without a post but I’ve simply not had a lot of stuff I want to talk about or that I deemed worthy of writing down, but this is a post I’d postponed for a while.
I’ve not played WoW for a while now, first waiting for the date of the expansion then to notice it being delayed and in day-to-day life actually being busy enough with EVE and SWTOR.

So, the level squish patch happened, and while this isn’t the real end of the expansion I think I can truthfully claim that I failed my goal because I ran out of steam this autumn.

One max-level character per class, per faction.

There are 12 classes and 2 factions, so that would be 24 Level 120 characters. OK, actually it would be 24 Level 50 characters, as the expansion has not yet happened. So where do I stand?

Death Knight5050
Demon Hunter5050
Rogue50 + 5050 +50
Warrior50 + 5050
End of expansion tally of characters in BfA

So while every class is a check and the number 24 is a check, Alliance Warlock and Priest were in their 80s, now 30s, and I don’t know if I will finish this before the expansion lands.

The other goal of leveling the Allied Races doesn’t look any better:

  • Mag’har Orc: 50 – check
  • Zandalari Troll: 45 – check
  • Nightborne: 27
  • Highmountain Tauren: 26
  • Vulpera: 13
  • Dark Iron Dwarf: 50 – check
  • Kul Tiran: 50 – check
  • Mechagnome: 37
  • Void Elf: 28
  • Lightforged Draenei: 0

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