Five Games?

Naithin’s blog posts about the Five Game Challenge keep popping up in my reader and I think it’s an interesting thing to talk about from my point of view.

Put yourself into the hypothetical situation of being made to choose just five games to last you an entire year of gaming (and post what they are!)

The implied meaning is “wow, that sounds hard, just 5 games in a whole year”, but for me that sounds pretty normal.

Looking at my 2019 Year in Review post, I mentioned both versions of WoW, FFXIV, SW:TOR, EVE, and Borderlands 3. And one sort of mobile game I could’ve ignored, that’s not really more than five.

And in 2020 I’m not even sure I got to five. There’s EVE, there’s SW:TOR and then WoW. Then I bought and played Stellaris, but not enough to have it on a must-play list, even though I liked it a lot. Then there’s Forgotten Anne which lasted for a few hours and I also played 7 Wonders. So if I disregard some puzzle games there’s only a few MMOs left and maybe one large (AAA?) game…
2018 even had me between 15 and 20 games, that number sounds high though.

Well, people are different 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five Games?”

  1. Limiting to five games is part of it, but even I acknowledge (as someone who routinely jumps into more than that in a month) the numeric count isn’t really the most difficult part.

    The more difficult part by far, I think at least, is that they’re a pre-determined five. And pre-determined on the criteria of what could last me an entire year if I wasn’t able to touch anything else. The removal of the ability to respond to new interests (alright, alright, whims ;)) and releases.

    I would imagine even that task to be *far* easier though if you’re still able to be engrossed by MMOs for long periods of time. The amount of time you can spend in those things is insane! 🙂

    1. Yeah true, I can absolutely follow your thought process here. I just notice that while 5 might be a small number, by saying 7-8 I would have a pretty good chance of never even thinking “if only I could play…” – but I’ve not always been like this, maybe in a few years I will again transition to a more spontaneous and varied diet of games 🙂

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