Pre-expansion WoW

While I wrote that I’m not so keen on playing right now in my last WoW post, I actually logged in because I was curious how fast leveling goes.

Then I promptly forgot to look into the mail and made a few levels without the 16% experience buff, doh. So my Mechagnome Warlock is now 42, up from 37 and my Worgen Priest (where I didn’t forget the xp buff) went from 31 to 34 with a single random dungeon + 2 quests. Gameplay is unexciting, I don’t feel too weak or too overpowered, roughly the same as before. Warlock was in Gorgrond, Priest in Townlong Steppes.

Having all the talents reset was a little annoying, as usual, but I went with the left-side default route as it’s just casual leveling and I’m absolutely not in the mood to look up builds right now. We’ll see if I actually manage to push those 2 to 50 and at least claim moral victory of my goal.

Addon compatibility is surprisingly good, just my favourite experience addon is defunct and a few others, but nothing important. While I had planned to go for a reset again when the expansion hits (which means just unit frames + bars + chat addon and maybe a top bar) maybe I’ll just slim down my list instead of actually starting fresh…

There was a quite annoying bug that plagued quite a few people in guild two nights ago, where you couldn’t switch characters and sometimes had to alt-f4, culminating in “successfully logged off a toon but everything is black and no characters visible”, but it might have solved itself again…

My general plans for Shadowlands are still:

  • cancel SWTOR – DONE
  • buy Shadowlands – TODO
  • level my Night Elf Warrior as Fury
  • raid with my Alliance guild

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