Reaching goals when you had given up already

When I summarized my BfA journey in this post I a) wrote “too late” when I meant “too soon” and b) was pessimistic about reaching my goal. Also I kind of didn’t reach it because Level 120 was gone, but now I actually finished it by having at least one character per class, per faction – at Level 50, in BfA, before Shadowlands launched. (Although it feels a little bit like cheating because leveling is so much faster now.)

My Worgen Shadow Priest flew through Level 31 to 40 in MoP, then 40 to 50 in BfA. So that’s 27 characters at Level 50, 4 Rogues, 3 Warriors, 2 of each other class.

So now only the minor goal of all the allied races is unachievable, because it’s only 2 days left.

Oh, and I bought Shadowlands and cleared out the quest log on my new main, a female Night Elf Fury Warrior. Fury doesn’t seem great at the moment but I didn’t want to go Rogue again, especially on the Alliance side, without my main and I like Warriors. Also my guild’s composition checks out nicely like this, and I have an offspec that’s not DPS.

For the first time in forever I made the resolve to focus on my main and my main only. I will allow myself to casually level another toon if I lose the drive to play, but I probably won’t have enough time anyway – but I will not race to the top, I will not gear an alt, or start a third alt. For the immediate future that is, I guess until we have started raiding.

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