Traveling in style

It’s been nearly a month since I posted about EVE, but that’s not for lack of playing. I think I played a lot more than WoW, despite the leveling. But for some reason I don’t enjoy writing about the war, so I don’t.

But last night (2h after I went to bed) I finished training Caldari Carrier I and that means… I have a suitcase now. For people not playing EVE, it’s usually quite hard to move more than one ship at a time, like, the one you’re flying. There’s the Bowhead, a large, slow non-combat vessel that’s mostly used in HighSec, and if the ships are not assembled you can stuff them in a Deep Space Transport, or a Freighter, or Jump Freighter. But when you’re moving your assembled ships, as in move ops during the war perhaps, it’s either taking many, many Titan bridges (or gating), or having a suitcase. Which basically means all Capital ships have a Ship Maintenance Bay with 1 million m3 of space for assembled ships, which means roughly 10 cruisers or a few Battleships. And if you don’t use your capital for fights, you call that a suitcase – and now I have one. First I wanted to go for a Ninazu (yay, Gallente) and bought a cheap one, but then I had second thoughts because our fleets are shield tanked and not armor tanked, and so I sold it (for a profit) and bought a Minokawa a few days ago. And today I finally jumped it to our home system where I can fill it up and then go towards where the war happens. But this was quite some training time, quite some ISK invested (hull + skill books were nearly 2 billion), but now I have it. Oh, and of course I also needed an alt to light cynos, and this means another ~250m cyno ship. Anyway, case closed.

Minokawa undocking

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