Hello, Shadowlands!

So early last night I actually brought myself to camp a few world bosses in Icecrown and collect most of the transmog set on my Rogue, then at midnight I was too tired and went to bed.

But today after work I logged in (no problems) and started. I needed exactly 4h for 50-53, then 1h 18 for 54 and again 1h 18 for 55. That’s where I stand now, Bastion is finished and I think I’m 50-70% through Maldraxxus. I have no idea how people made it in 8-9h, but I’ve been diligently reading all the quest text and even picked a few flowers on the way. The quest flow is good, I didn’t have any major problems, just a few tiny things. Pretty good so far. Despite being in old 8.2 gear (half epic, half blue) I only died twice, and I probably could’ve avoided those as well.

It’s been fun so far although I didn’t really get a bit of the story in Bastion, either I missed some key part of information or they’re deliberately letting us in the dark or whatever. But some things didn’t make sense to me.

Somewhere in Maldraxxus, at level 54


Why is this not a meme yet? (Overall I don’t have anything against the subtitles, but I should look if I can switch them off.)

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  1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Maldraxus so far. I’m still pretty early into it, but the quest story has been way more interesting than I believed it had any right to be.

    Bastion was an interesting area.. I didn’t like being railroaded down one particular path. Like Wilhelm said in his post, it was certainly possible to sympathize with the other point of view being expressed there. Although I shan’t say too much more in case spoil it for anyone else happening along who hasn’t done it yet!

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