Horizon: Zero Dawn, finally

When I bought my new computer in late 2019 I held off buying a proper graphics card because my old one was still good enough (despite being 3 years old) and I only played WoW and SWTOR and other older things anyway. I looked around during 2020 and said to myself I’d buy one when Horizon: Zero Dawn would come out on PC, one of the few titles I’d actually been waiting for since the PS4 launch. Then it came out in August but I wasn’t really in the mood to play a game like it, so I put both purchases off. Then in December I started looking for a card and bought one around christmas.

Two days ago I finally also bought Horizon: Zero Dawn on GoG because it was on sale and despite not feeling like starting a new game, I started playing, because I’d put off buying it for such a long time…

Anyway, I’m 4h in and I’m loving it. I’m playing on easy because the moment-to-moment gameplay isn’t exactly my cup of tea but on this difficulty I can enjoy the scenery and experience the story. Right now my plan is to approach it slowly in 1-2h increments every few days, that’s also what pushed me through Borderlands 3, a game I wanted to see but didn’t completely enjoy from a gameplay perspective.

Aloy looking at things

4 thoughts on “Horizon: Zero Dawn, finally”

  1. Yeah, I’ve picked up H:ZD as well, even though my PC and graphics card can’t handle it yet. But I’m patient, so when I get a replacement PC (or build one for myself) I’ll get a chance to play then.
    Even the intro scene that I watched on YouTube looks gorgeous.

  2. Such a gorgeous game – I love that your screenshot is captioned ‘Aloy looking at things’ 🙂 That’s exactly what I’ve been spending most of the game doing too, and also on easy mode – much more interested in the world and story than difficult fights. It’s so refreshing playing a game where diversity just ‘is’, it makes you realise how many games reinforce the gender and racial status quo rather than re-imagining. I’m just over half-way on a PS4, my only complaint is it does veer into long expository dialogue occasionally.

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