WoW 9.1 is here

The long wait is over, 9.1 is here. I guess I am legally (or just morally) obliged to repeat that 9.0 has been the longest content drought after a WoW expansion release, but here it is, live last Wednesday for us Europeans.

Originally I wasn’t enthusiastic, I had watched a few videos by the usual suspects on YouTube about the patch, and especially some of the “this is what you should do in week 1” ground my gears. Not that the people said or wrote it, of course, simply the notion that to prepare for raiding there is a bucket list of things to do, with a defined time frame nonetheless. I hate that.

But, oh, raiding. I lamented the fact that we didn’t kill Sire Denathrius on Heroic after all and that I was annoyed how so many people jumped ship and we had to look that we got 10 together in the end. Well, I may have made it worse, but I transferred my main to another server and I’m gonna raid with the Twisting Corridors team this Tier. Interestingly this Night Elf Warrior started her life on my original vanilla server (not sure when exactly, probably 2010), to be transferred off to this German server in 2013 or 2014, staying until at least 2016 and ending up on the realm connected to my original server (where I had all my Alliance toons meanwhile) in 2019. And now back to the same German server in the summer of 2021. What a ride. Anyway, the guild only raids 2 days a week, and managed to kill Sire on Heroic, I also did raid with them for a week a while ago and it was fun, and the raid days suit me better, so win-win-win, I hope.

So, 9.1. The raid isn’t live yet and I’m only tentatively excited about it, we’ll see how it feels on normal. I was totally not enthusiastic about having to do new dailies in Korthia, in the videos it looked just as bleak as the Maw and I hated the Maw. But, to my surprise, they are kinda quick and I didn’t mind doing them at all every day, same with the weeklies (and Korthia is just this little bit less bleak). Also I was surprised how fast my 216 iLvl Fury Warrior smashes through enemies there, but I guess on a scale from 170ish to 230, 216 is kinda nice and I wasn’t prepared for this, having gone into Shadowlands only with relatively badly equipped toons. Later I also tried Korthia with my iLvl 200 Ele Shaman and it was quite a bit harder, but still doable.

Ah well, we’ll see. On the new server I only have my Warrior and my Sub Rogue for now, I’m thinking of transferring the Shaman as well as long as it’s only 17.50€ instead of 25€, but that should be enough. But of course I’d already been planning what race/class combos I might start to level here, guess I can’t escape the Altoholism…

The Retail Dungeon Group is on hold this week, because 3/4 are busy with new stuff and 1/4 is unexcited about Retail, so doesn’t mind. Classic updates maybe tomorrow…

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