TBC Classic stuff

The second Thursday with the group was uneventful, we played a little less and only managed to get around two thirds of a level, wiped on Arazzius once (too many adds) and I don’t think we did a lot, just some long ass quests like the zeppelin parts, and the bussards, all in a group of four.

Last Thursday we did a few quests until we were all 61, then went into Hellfire Ramparts. The single dungeon quest says 62, that’s why we waited. And because we hadn’t done an instance in over a year, so were probably a bit rusty. And I read that Wilhelm’s group had some problems as well. We pugged a 5th and it went kinda fine. I only have like 13 points in Protection at the moment (should be enough) but I lost aggro a lot, mostly to the 2 Enhancement Shamans, but also sometimes due to bad pulls. I’m not 100% sure, but I think we didn’t wipe. Or only once. Our pugged Shammy left and we grabbed another player, I think it was an Ele Shaman this time, who wouldn’t have pulled aggro if he hadn’t opened with Chain Lightning every time – so yeah, just the second run already went much smoother, despite us being the same level and the pug being 61 and not 63 like the first one. The XP was pretty nice. After the two runs we finished Hellfire Peninsula and all dinged 62, then moved on to Zangarmarsh. It’s not going super fast, but we already made 4 levels in 3 evenings, can’t complain.

Next week: Blood Furnace, probably also twice.

And I really need to start doing the Thorium stretch of my Blacksmithing before next Thursday…

My Feral Druid dinged 66 yesterday and her Hunter partner is 67, everything in Nagrand went fine, except the Ring of Blood. We had a group of 5, 3 Hunters and me healing, but no real tank. But two others out of group, it was quite the chaos and for some reasons not everyone got all the quests, maybe also due to 4 groups spam-clicking to start their quests. In the end we had 3 rounds finished, some of our party members only 1, the 2 outside the group had everything besides the last one, then we wiped and stopped. Quite the mess, I’m not trying this again without a proper healer and tank (which I can do at least). Tusker and the pre-quests were no problem, we also haven’t tried Durn yet. Even Gurok worked fine with just the two of us, so Chowar will probably work as well (I already killed him at 65 with another 70 Druid).

The Rogue is still sitting at 51 and after my leveling spree I’m not really in the mood right now, the typical “where do I go?”, probably Felwood. But the thought of doing Hellfire Peninsula for the third time makes me procrastinate hard, even though I decided I wanted to get her to 60 in Azeroth…

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