Leveling in Shadowlands

Because I’m on the new server and don’t have a lot of alts and because I was still missing a Lightforged Draenei, I started a Paladin. This should be the last missing Heritage Armor that’s currently ingame.

This time I actually managed to jot down my leveling times, because with the recent changes I was actually interested how long you need to play to get to Level 50/Shadowlands. I thought it was probably not very long, especially when going the BfA route.

  • Level 10: created, Allied Race
  • Level 15: ~1h
  • Level 20: 1h 51min = 50min
  • Level 25: 2h 38min = 50min
  • Level 30: 3h 44min = 66min

So, that’s below 1h per 5 levels as of now, and I only did Tiragarde Sound. I took up Mining around Level 20, and now at Level 30 I made a trip to Stormwind to learn Flying and do some transmogging. So maybe I lost 10 minutes there and am back to 1h per 5 levels. There has been no noticeable amount of rested XP involved, but I’m not actually too fussed about this. I do logout in the inn when I can, but we’ll see how long I actually logout between play sessions, I did Level 15 on the first day and Level 30 today.

The retail dungeon group chars are 57 right now and we decided to have one more night to play with them, with the goal to reach 60, but if we don’t, we’ll probably stop anyway. There’s 9.1 stuff to do (3 of 4 people), there’s TBC Classic (3 of 4 people, but different ones) and there’s pen & paper Shadowrun (4 of 4 people), so time is a bit short for this project, that’s why want to end it deliberately before it gets forgotten.

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