Leveling in Shadowlands, part 2

So I had some time today and managed to get the Paladin to 50 and do the Maw intro.

Of course I chose this transmog

Here’s the overview from the last post again, with /played:

  • Level 10: created, Allied Race
  • Level 15: ~1h
  • Level 20: 1h 51min = 50min
  • Level 25: 2h 38min = 50min
  • Level 30: 3h 44min = 66min
  • Level 35: 5h 13min = 89min
  • Level 40: 6h 42min = 89min
  • Level 45: 8h 39min = 117min
  • Level 50: 10h 54min = 135min

So there is a bit of a decline, until Level 30 I’ll round this to an hour (pretty sure I could’ve saved those 6 minutes somewhere), then it’s two times 90 minutes and then, when BfA is actually the old “current” content, it slows down a bit. 2 hours and even 2:15 for the last stretch. Still so much quicker than anything I’ve ever seen, but my prediction of the final time being around 8h was quite off. Extrapolating is hard 😉

So for now she’s parked in Oribos, having learnt the Shadowlands professions, and now it’s time for rested XP I think. I already got like 8 of those Korthian Armaments that can provide Level 200 gear, and I felt it was wasted on the Rogue who already did the whole Covenent campaign and had gear ranging from 160 to 187, with a few upgrades from Korthia, so I guess I’ll put those to good use once she reaches 60.

Also I managed to screenshot a few of the levels in between, so here’s another list:

  • Level 31: 33 min (I guess learning to fly took a while)
  • Level 35: 18min
  • Level 36+37: ~13.5min each
  • Level 38: 23min
  • Level 39: 18min
  • Level 41: 24min
  • Level 45: 28min
  • Level 46: 23min
  • Level 47: 20min
  • Level 48: 35min
  • Level 49: 30min
  • Level 50: 28min

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