Getting back into FFXIV

Oh wow, so much to do and so little knowledge left in my WoW-contaminated brain.

Ha, I remembered /gpose

What I managed to do today:

  • Run Duty Roulette (MSQ and Dungeons) for Poetics, got to 71 on Bard
  • Run Duty Roulette (Leveling), got Machinist to 35
  • Double checked all my bars and keybinds for all classes (I am so glad that all the roles share a few skills and I have the habit of having roughly same skills on the same keybinds anyway)
  • Bought iLvl 400 gear for Poetics: Bow, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Pants -> iLvl 345 for now, saving up for Helm and Boots, then maybe accessories
  • cleaned out the 7 left side parts of the Armoury Chest, 5 right side are a TODO
  • sold a lot of stuff on the market board

And then there are a few things I deliberately didn’t do:

  • played Tank or Healer
  • continued the MSQ
  • figured out how to level Machinist. Probably Duty Finder, Levequests, FATEs, Palace of the Dead?
  • Crafting. Oh wow, had I forgotten how complicated that was. Did one Trial Synthesis and gave up. I need to read up a few things. First of all, what to craft (IIRC crafting an item for the first time gives an XP bonus), then how to craft (omg, so many buttons), and then there are the Ixal and Kobold quests. Not sure Ixal is still good at 52-56. Would be nice to get them all to 60 though, but this is not an immediate goal
  • start a Melee DPS class

And then a list of things I actually want to get done in these 14 days:

  • finish the whole pre-Shadowbringers MSQ
  • get Machinist to 50 or preferably 60
  • try to run some duty roulettes regularly
  • try to play Dancer a little bit
  • maybe try Gunbreaker
  • maybe get Paladin and/or Dark Knight to 60, but I guess that is stretching it

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