Resubbed to FFXIV

It took longer than I had hoped (free thingy ran out on July 30th), but today at noon I finally resubbed to FFXIV, including my one missing retainer (which I faintly remembered had a lot of gear).

Took a while to get that sorted, but with all the jobs I had leveled already I could free up a ton of space. Then I continued selling crafting mats clogging up retainer number 1 and 2, so maybe I can get rid of the cost for number 3 in a month again.

Waited ages half-afk until tanks were needed for the Duty Roulette and not just healers, got Praetorium…

Wasn’t in the mood for anything really today, so I did three beast tribe quests and a few crafting handins.

It’s not that I already regret resubbing… but today just wasn’t a good day for being really productive. Didn’t want to do MSQ, didn’t want to do dungeons.

Well, would’ve done something as Dancer DPS I guess.

Also still on the fence if I should preorder Endwalker now for the new XP earring or if I should try to get through Shadowbringers a bit first… Last time I preordered Shadowbringers “too soon” and then it fizzled out before I reached the content.

Inconspicuous White Mage outfit

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 9.

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