Shadowbringers started

I bought Endwalker last night and today I properly started with the Shadowbringers story, leaving The Crystarium for the first time. MSQ is cool as usual, and I’m halfway to Level 74 already (Bard). Meanwhile I tanked some duty roulette, as I wanted to bring Warrior to 70, then going back to Paladin (54) and Dark Knight (55). I’ve also dutifully continued my Ananta Beast Tribe quests and continued the Kojin ones I apparently already started 2y ago. And then I started the Namazu ones to push my crafting jobs a little, I’m 63+ on most and 62 only on 3, so I’m gonna continue to do whatever is currently the lowest, in addition to GC handins.

I was very much relieved that the Square Enix Shop website has improved, this time it was only riddled with minor nuisances, where I think I spent half an hour trying to buy something two years ago. Something that should literally be 3 clicks…

Having said all that, so far I’m not particularly happy with the Shadowbringers MSQ, Eulmore was a little annoying, Amh Araeng wasn’t great and I don’t like the Exarch. But it is what it is and it’s still a great game, but so far I don’t know why everyone praises Shadowbringers so much. I don’t see how it’s miles better than the rest.

Yeah I know, not a typical Dark Knight, but I don’t glamour a lot, leveling too fast

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 10.

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