Sanctum of Domination, week 8

Finally there’s one week where I don’t forget to post, but then I have other posts and no time.

Anyway, last raid week was a bit weird. On Sunday I had to tank again, first we did the last 2 on Normal (1 wipe on KT), then the first 3 on Heroic. One wipe on Tarragrue (weird), then three wipes on The Eye (also weird), then oneshot The Nine.

Tuesday our main tank was back, and we had a big group again, 21 or so, and one of our raiders brought 3 friends, supposedly Mythic raiders and for some reason nothing really worked. Ner’zhul died on the third pull but the first two already felt weird, then we had 10 wipes on Dormazain. Yes, this is the boss we haven’t killed yet but it seems doable, just that nothing seemed to go smoothly that day, and then one of the mythic people started to smartass and shout stuff between our calls and then there was some arguing. Not a fan of the outcome, or the whole night. But apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt like that, so maybe they’re not coming again.

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